Days Like These…

NYE was pretty standard. Party, fireworks, getting home at 5am etc.

It used to be that I was very superstitious about how I spent my NYE. I’m not anymore. But I do like spending the first day of the year in a way that makes me happy. This, for me, is a way to kinda make sure that I don’t forget what’s important for me.

I went to the spa for a massage in the morning. I wasn’t the only one with this brilliant idea though. Seemed like everyone wanted to knead off the stress of partying the night before (I know I know! Then why do it? Good question!) I didn’t get an appointment at my regular branch at the time I wanted cos they were too busy. So I went to the other one they recommended. It was fantastic in all respects except for ONE really weird thing. The loo in in the changing room had a buddha-like statue facing  the toilet! So if you sat down in the loo, you’d be staring straight at this dude! Very disconcerting! I had to take pictures of course! :D Here you go!

See what I mean!

See what I mean!


no one really wants an audience while they’re in the loo you know!

After the massage (which was excellent and almost made me forget about the weird statue staring at me in the loo), I had to rush home cos I was having friends over for dinner. I made this delicious pasta and a version of Jamie Oilver’s garlic bread.

Dinner and drinks

Dinner and drinks

Thankfully, it turned out well and we spent a lovely evening stuffing ourselves silly and drinking eggnog strong enough to down an elephant! The evening only ended at 1am, which of course meant that I was late to work on my first day back! I’m okay with that though! ;)

Here’s to more days like this!

Cheers and a Happy New Year to all! *clink*


I love theme parties, which automatically makes Halloween my favourite holiday! Of course, in this country, The 31st of Oct is not really a holiday (is it anywhere?), so we celebrated during the weekend.

Since Halloween is my thing,  I hosted the party at my place for about 25 of my friends  And even though I do say so myself, it was a fantastic party! :D

I carved my own pumpkin for the very first time! :D

Of course, it wouldn’t have gone so well if my friends hadn’t pitched in to help with the planning and execution! My sis helped me with my makeup (something which I’m not very good at, but she’s an artist and excellent at it!) and the music, R helped with ordering the finger food, S was the uber-enthusiastic DJ (who kept increasing the volume every time I reduced it cos the security guys same knocking and said the neighbours were threatening to call the cops!!), and V baked an awesome cake to add a layer of red-velvet decadence to the party!

Other than the fear of cops crashing the party, I had a lot of fun! I’d called different groups of friends and put them all together, so was slightly worried about everyone getting along, but they all got along just fine.

Psy teaching everyone the Gangnam style! :P

oooh! I’m holding smoke! :P

I’d be nostalgic about the passing of another halloween, but I’m already preparing for Gourmet Night (something the gang cooked up after watching too many episodes of Masterchef Australia – we form teams and create a 3 course dinner, each team in charge of one course!), Diwali, Xmas and my next trip! I’m not sure how work can fit into this hectic schedule, but since that’s what’s paying the bills, I’m making time for it! :P

Do you celebrate halloween? What is your favourite festival? 

Riding in Cars with Boys

So he’s driving me home in his Dodge Charger after lunch, and I’m asking alllll sorts of questions about it. He says ” You wanna drive it?” and I look at him with googly eyes and say YES!!

“Why didn’t you just ask?” “Cos the men I know don’t let girls drive their cars!” He shakes his head, laughs and parks by the side to let me take the wheel.

I need more friends like this!

A Birthday Note

“Love will get you through times of no money better  than money will get you through in times of no love.”

That is what I’d like to drill into your thick head, but because I know you won’t listen to me, I’m writing it out here, hoping that reading this will somehow change your mind (over time  at least!).

Apparently this is your last birthday as a single person, cos you’re worried that you won’t look hot anymore and so no one will want to be with you.  Which is ridiculous, cos you’re awesome! You’re intelligent, fun to be around, and a pretty good flirt! :P   I’ve seen the way you talk to women with their husbands standing right next to them and they lap it up like a thirsty kitten with a saucer of milk! So let me tell you my friend, you have nothing to worry about. Plus, you know… there’s always botox! :P

But even so, if you want to get married anyway cos you’re tired of all the flirting and the women seem to be getting dumber by the tequila shot, here’s what you gotta do (and yes! you gotta do this!)

1. Find a girl who’ll sign a pre-nup happily.

2. Want to marry her even without a pre-nup in place.

I don’t need to spell this out to you do I? Oh wait… it’s you! Of course it’s needs spelling out!

Points one and two mean… you gotta find a girl who likes you for who you are and not how much you’re worth. But you gotta trust her enough to be able to marry her without doubting her intentions.

Both of these are essential! Trust, is essential!  It’s time to bring down those firewalls! Like they say… “Boundaries don’t keep other people out. They fence you in.”

Okay… so this sounds more like an advice column than a birthday note… so I’ll stop now! :)

I wish you love, luck and happiness! :)  Just remember that you deserve all of it, cos you’re a nice guy, in spite of  trying really hard not to be! :P

Happy Birthday!

Woefully Yours!

All my plans for the month are just falling apart!

My Goa plans are indefinitely postponed due to several people having their leave applications rejected and other such issues.

I was supposed to go to Salalah, road-trip and all that, today evening. But due to cyclone Keila hitting Salalah, that too has been cancelled. I’ve heard that the roads are closed off and no one is being let through to Oman cos the weather is really bad and going round the mountains  may involve our vehicle flying off with Keila and smashing into the rocks at the bottom, which is something I’m willing to risk, but apparently the Omani govt is not. I thank them for their concern and shake my fist at the Universe that seems to be intent on screwing with my happiness. But obviously, it’s pointless. The Universe doesn’t care two hoots about my fist. I should probably pick on someone my own size eh?

So anyway… I’m stuck here for the next 5 days, holidays filled with nothing to do. It sucks more for me cos I’m single you know! Single people need to always have something to do. Or maybe it’s just me… I dunno… is it?

I was so looking forward to November to get here already! And now that it’s finally arrived, it’s such a let-down that I’m looking warily at it and wondering what else can go wrong this year!

I had such a fantastic October that it simply zippppped past me, in a whirlwind of lights, colours and delectable eats! Diwali and Halloween were both celebrated in full-josh and even though I kinda passed out from exhaustion and too much wine during my halloween party (the lesson to take away from that is to stay away from alcohol when hosting parties, or sleep properly the week before), I was told that a good time was had by all.


i had these all over my house, with dry ice in it, so had the smoke coming out. :D

jack-o-lantern for halloween party

I’ve had a good time so far… so I guess some bad times were due huh?

I guess I’ll forgive November for being such a spoil-sport, and hope for the best anyway… after all, I do have 5 days off work don’t I? And I do have my friends around don’t I? Good friends and time to spend with them… that’s usually enough isn’t it? :)

Celebrations galore!


I think this is the longest I’ve not blogged since I started writing this blog. It is not for lack of things to share, but for the lack of time to put it all into a coherent post.

August was filled with birthdays (including mine) and anniversaries and I was celebrating almost everyday since the 10th! Then came Eid!  Eid hols were good and long and going back to work after that was (IS!!!) dead depressing! Especially when you’ve gotten used to working a couple of hours lesser cos of Ramadan timings. Now I suddenly have to sit at work till 6:30pm! Horrors! What am I to do with all the time?! (Don’t say “work”! Be more creative won’t you?)

Anyway… Onam is this weekend- Friday (for us folks in the Muddle East, Friday is a weekend! :D) and I’ve not been so excited about Onam ever! 

I’m usually in Kerala with my family during Onam, as are many of my friends. This is the first Onam that we’re all actually together in Dubai  and so we decided to do everything the traditional way.

So we’re going to make atthapu, have puli-kali  and even play vadamvali (tug-of-war) and dance the kaikottikali (which I’ve never danced for before in my life! Veena said she’ll teach me though, so it’s cool!), all in traditional keralite sari (and mundu for the guys)!  Eeeeeks!

Of course, the meal is the all important part of Onam, and we’ll have to cook everything for the ona-sadya from scratch!  Since having one person cook all the dishes seemed a bit unfair (although no one had any issues when our moms did it all by themselves :P), we decided that each of us would make a few of the dishes and we’d pool the spoils!

To that effect, a  list of the menu was sent out, and a bunch of people chose what they were willing to make.

I checked the mail a bit later (like, a half hour later) cos I was a bit busy with work. By then, all the dishes had been claimed for and I was left with rather simpler things to take care of, which I was quite thankful for. I don’t generally do mallu cooking, so I was quite worried that I might mess things up.

My responsibilities included the kondattum, which is basically cured and dried veggies. The only cooking involved in this is to fry them up and ensure they don’t burn while frying as you get to buy the dried veggies at the store.  Easy peasy! :P   The other is a kind of mallu sabji (mezhukuparetti), which is okay too, though I’m not making an exact Keralite thing, what I’m making is more Tamilian. But lets not nit-pick!

The only dish I’m worried about is the puli-inji, which sounds wayy complicated to me, though my mom assures me it is not. But what does she know?! She make the whole sadya from scratch! ONE dish is nothing for her! Pfft!

This one needs to be cooked a few days in advance, it’s like a pickle, so it gets better with age.  In fact… I’m supposed to be making it right now instead of blogging about it making it! Jeez! They’re going to kill me if I mess it up!

I should go before time runs out, else I’ll have to buy puli-inji from the store and pretend I made it (which doesn’t seem like a bad idea.. but I feel I should at least make an effort!)

So ok, off to the store to buy provisions! Wish me luck!

Mistaken Impressions

I first met him at the railway station in Bombay. I was visiting my college friend, Nass, and she was taking me to Pune for the weekend. We were going there with her boyfriend (now husband) and two other guys. On our way  to the station, Nass told me that one of the guys – Ram, used to go to our college as well, and he used to be our junior.

That decided it! I disliked him before I’d even met him. “From our college Nass? From the crazy-ass college we went to where the men were chauvinistic dogs? Whywasthisguyeveninviiited?!” College was a terrible time for me, and I suffered horribly there! I ended up hating the entire state and everyone from that place! I ran as far away from the place as possible as soon as college was done and had resented the whole experience.

So I was wary when meeting him. I said hello, and then ignored him completely. I only actually started taking notice of the guy after he offered his friend’s apartment for us girls to stay the night. The guys were gonna stay in a bachelor pad with a bunch of other guys, and we girls were apparently getting a whole 2 bedroom apartment to ourselves cos the guy who rented it (and his roommates) were out of town and the keys were with Ram.  We asked him if his friend would be okay, and Ram assured us it would be, “I stay there too whenever I’m in town, he’s totally cool about it!”

We reached the apartment and were standing at the door that had a huge lock on it, like the picture below (taken randomly taken off the net), except the lock was bigger and bulkier, more stronger looking.

When we asked him for the keys, he said “err… there’s a slight thing about the lock…” and went to the door and lifted the whole contraption- lock, bolt and all, off the door!  He calmly opened the door and waited for us to enter.  I stared dumbfounded while he grinned at us like a lil kid. That’s when I began warming up to him! :D

After my weekend visit (remind me to tell you abt dangerous territories called bachelor pads some other time! Men are slobs!), I quite forgot about the dude.

I never really thought I would see him again. But then,  few years after we first met, we somehow got in touch with each other on gchat. And we started chatting. And we haven’t stopped since! He told me all about his girlfriend and his job and his love for music. We chatted for ages on a regular basis. It became so that he knew everything about my life and I his.  He sent me amazing music all the time through mail (some that he sang even!). He knew my taste in music better than I did and would pick songs that I would like! A friend of mine actually suspected that we were dating each other even. But this was different, this was friendship at its best.

And now, my friend Ram, is getting married. :) He convinced his parents to try talking to the girl, they love her now, and have accepted her, and all is well in their world.

He doesn’t like to read. But he’s subscribed to my blog, and reads it regularly, just cos it’s my blog. And that’s how it works really. He’s there to listen and to help (even if I don’t want it! :P) and he knows I’m there for him too. He makes me feel like I’m pretty awesome (which is great, obviously!).

And so my dear Ram, I want to say I was wrong (which is not easy for a Leo to admit)! And I’m sorry! For misjudging you before I knew you, for disliking you without giving you a chance.You’ve made me learn that I can be wrong about first impressions. You’ve taught me to give second chances to people. You’ve made me realize that letting go of the past helps me more than anyone else. So thank you! :)

And that’s how it is. The people you think will matter the most sometimes ends up not even being a part of your life after  few years. And sometimes, people you least expect to make a connection with,  take you by surprise and become so much a part of your life that you can’t remember life without them.

Life is strange like that.  Keeps things interesting though doesn’t it? :)

The Surprise Party

Our gang loves surprises, and so we arranged a baby shower for our friend Veena in secret.  We planned on doing a brunch thing, and as none of the guys in the gang were invited, they decided to have one of those brunch-with-bubbly things at a hotel and drink themselves silly.

On the morning of the shower however, the father  woke up to find that his wife had woken up early and prepared an elaborate breakfast for him. He had to tell her he was in no mood for breakfast and somehow managed to get a very pissed-off wife out of the house and into Reema’s place (where the shower was being held).

Everyone was waiting there (both the guys and gals) to see her reaction. She walked in and we all yelled SURPRIIIIISE! She looks at us and says ” but my birthday is in July!”.  :D

Once we explained it was a baby shower and sent the guys away, the party began. The theme was “fairy godmother”. So we all represented different fairies (I was the Fairy of Travel! :D) and we  bestowed wishes with our fake fairy wands that we’d made out of bbq sticks and foil. We gave the yet-to-be-born baby gifts (of a unisex nature cos we didn’t know the gender yet), laughed a lot and ate a lot! Good fun!

After the party, Veena was driving back home, around 4 in the afternoon, when her water broke, more than a month before her due date.
She was freaked, to say the least! She managed to drive home, and called the husband, who was tipsy and said ” I’ll be there in 45 mins” casually when she asked him if he could come home. She again asked him “err.. could you come now!?” and he realized something was wrong.  The guys rushed to their house and by then, the girls found out too, and we all rushed to the hospital.  She was taken into the ER while we waited outside, worried and tense.
When the doctor told us the baby was coming, we were all shocked.  But she told us that it’s fine and the baby was okay.
We had to take her to another hospital cos the one we were at didn’t have enough free incubators and this baby was going to need one. We rushed her across as carefully as possible, Kiran’s FJ being our ambulance, to the other hospital.  We got her admitted and the wait began.
The guys waited outside while the girls went in turn by turn (they wouldn’t let us go in together for some odd reason) while the mom and dad-to-be waited anxiously.
The doctor had assured us there was nothing to worry about, but as none of us had had any experience with child-birth (except for Jobbs; he claimed he knew exactly what the pain was like cos his mom’s a nurse :P) we all waited anxiously, trying to keep up spirits thinking up baby names and whatnot.
At around 11pm, I went home to change and have another dose of the medicine that I was on at the time. Unfortunately, it was a very powerful sedative and I was out like a light within a few minutes.  That’s when Rhea decided to come into our lives, about an hour after I’d conked off. I woke up to see excited texts from my friends saying ” IT’S A GIRRRRRRL!”
I was a bit miffed about her timing, but thrilled that she’d arrived, and that the mom and baby were healthy, though the baby was premature.
This was exactly a year ago, on the 27th of March, 2010.
We’re still not finished talking about that fateful baby shower, but already a year has passed and so many milestones along with it!
Today, Rhea is a chubby lil 1 year old. She learned to walk a while ago, but now prefers running. She still falls down on her little bum when her excitement to get to places exceeds the speed at which she little legs can go. But she just gets up and starts running again, laughing in that unselfconscious manner only babies (and drunks :P) can.
On her birthday, I’d like to remind her of the wishes I “bestowed” on her as the fairy godmother –
May your passport have the stamps of all the countries in the world, and may your heart have love and respect for all the cultures you get to experience.