To take advantage of the long weekend, we took a mini-vacation to Sri Lanka.


Anantara, Kalutara

We stayed at the lovely Anantara in Kalutara, where they’ve mastered the whole dreamy resort vibe with wide, airy corridors and a wonderful blend of soothing warm wooden floors and lush green lawns combined with the turquoise blue of the infinity pool gently rippling away outside. The vintage-looking ceiling fans carries a gentle breeze that’ll have you drifting off into blissful sleep after that final sip of tender coconut water. And I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to sloth it and just stay that way till the end of your holiday, but the country has a lot to offer, so we managed to get off our bums and explore a bit.

We went on a river safari around the mangroves and saw a baby crocodile sunning itself on a log like it was no big deal (which it isn’t if you’re a croc I guess). It was very green and full of life, with birds and bats flying around and water monitors chilling on the banks.


On the river safari


After, we went to a turtle farm where they rescue turtle eggs and take care of them till they’re ready to return to the ocean.

We then drove out to the lovely Galle, with their quaint Portuguese-style architecture and elegant lighthouse. There was a daredevil guy who would jump off the cliff into the rocky ocean below for a price as well! It’s quite amazing really, the things people do for a living!

Oh, and we went on a cycling tour. Which was fun. But I fell down. Twice. *embarrassed*We’d cycled in Amsterdam before, and it was lovely ride through Vondelpark, so I guess I was expecting more of that.

It was supposed to be an idyllic ride down the countryside… past paddy fields and country roads. But country roads are bumpy and filled with stray dogs barking at you and lazy cows who don’t seem to understand the roads don’t belong solely to them. Along a particularly bumpy stretch, my cycle slipped and I learned the brakes were a bit temperamental; gravity was going to win… and down I went.

I was badly bruised that one time, but I had the good sense to fall into the paddy field the next time around, so I wasn’t physically hurt any further (just my dignity, nbd). Still, it was a fun ride, exhausting and completely worth it, accident or not!

There’s plenty more to do in Sri Lanka, and I’m definitely game to go again! It’s one of those countries I’d been putting off for a while cos it’s so close that you can go anytime, and gets trumped for other more “exotic” countries that are further away.

I’m now at 29 countries (if you discount the few hours spent in Finland and Germany) and I wonder what will be the big 30.

We shall see! :)




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