Czech it Out!

Where has the year gone?! I canNOT believe it is December already!

The last post I had on here was in July, right before my trip to Goa. And now… it’s 5 months later and so much has happened and yet so little has changed that I’m not sure if the stuff I have to say is even worth saying anymore, you know?

I got back from Goa and the week after, flew back to India again, to Kerala this time, to visit the parents. Got back, and went on a few usual rounds around the middle east for work … Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain etc. One of the more unusual work trips though, was to Prague. That was in… September I think. Yeah, the end of September, it was.

The weather in Prague was surprisingly warm for that time of year. I stayed back a couple of days after work to check out the city, which was nice, but also a bit depressing, cos Prague is a romantic city and the place was filled with couples, while I wandered around by myself, finding myself having to explain multiple times that Yes! I *amm* all by myself, table for ONE! No, no one else… I don’t KNOW why Goddammit! Just get me the wine already!! 

Being alone didn't reduce my appetite any! :P

Being alone didn’t reduce my appetite any! :P

I went on a fantastic segway tour of the place, which has got to be the most fun way to explore a city ever!

honeymead... it's delicious! Like... a fairy-tale drink!

honeymead… it’s delicious! Like… a fairy-tale drink!

Went around the entire city for over 3 and a half hours even though I’d signed on for just a 2 hr thing. The guide got carried away in his enthusiasm to show me around the place I guess. *grin*

love locks bridge

love-locks bridge (like in Paris)

I was there for 6 days, and on the evening of the 5th night, I made a shocking discovery! I had just gotten back from my segway tour, and was tired out and freezing to death. I had just had dinner at the microbrewery down the road from my lovely boutique hotel ( table for one again) and was walking back to the hotel when I decided to get some water from the grocery store right next to the hotel. I walked in and saw this:

"happy" popsicles!

“happy” popsicles!

The place has legalized marijuana!!  The “grocery store” had everything I could possibly imagine, made of weed! Weed cookies, weed chocolates, weed vodka!! The massage parlour next door even had a cannabis oil massage!!! And I was leaving the next day??!

Maybe it was just as well… maybe if I’d known about this before, I’d probably be stoned out of my mind on that oil massage and have missed my flight and forgotten about my life back in Dubai.

Or maybe… that’s why it’s taken me this long to blog again! ;D

2 thoughts on “Czech it Out!

  1. desi Traveler says:

    Good one…emotions and beliefs are same around the world, and people like to express them in similar fashion. Liked the locks, and how different or similar are they from threads of faith we tie on Peepal trees or bundles of faithI found tied on a tree in a small temple in Hampi… .

    . the weed Popsicle do look interesting keep those posts coming..

    • Sanjana says:

      Actually, that’s not true at all. Beliefs are very different the world over, and emotions are not usually expressed similarly.
      This is the first country I’ve been to where I’ve been asked why I was alone (other than India of course, where they have NO social boundaries whatsoever).

      I was very surprised, cos Europe usually isn’t like that and there are plenty of single people around in places as well.

      And yes, the weed popsicles were super! Tasted a bit weird, but gave me a fantastic buzz! :D

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