Incomplete Chaos

I had a baby shower to attend last Saturday. As you know, my work-life is crazy busy and threatening to take over the rest of it, so when I found out that the theme was ethnic wear, I panicked a little as I didn’t have anything I could wear for the occasion. I figured I’d have to buy something, but finding the time for it was the issue.

I got back from a business trip to Qatar on … Tuesday (?! I think!) and then was pressed for time as I’m usually running around from one meeting to another even when I’m in the country. So on Wednesday, when I realized that time was running out, I rushed to this shop I knew where they sold enthic wear and bought a dress in between meetings. I promptly forgot about it till Saturday, when I wanted to get ready and realized that the dress was still lying in the car. 

My friends were coming to pick me up, so I had to rush. I quickly dressed in jeans and a t shirt and decided I’d just take the bag from my car and dress up at my friend’s place, where the baby shower was happening. I got to their house, we walked in and realized we were the first ones there. Which was lucky I suppose, cos when I went inside to change, I realized the shop had forgotten to pack the salwar (pants) part of the outfit!!

There I was, walking around in indignation, in my kurta and dupatta and no pants! My friends were chuckling and sniggering away, except for the one guy who didn’t think anything was amiss and when I asked him whether he didn’t think anything was missing said ” Oh yeah! The sleeves?”  IT’S A SLEEVELESS DRESS DUDE!! *rolling eyes*

Anyway… I called the shop up, yelled “Where are my pants??!” to the delight of my friends who burst out laughing, and they delivered the pants to me in 20 mins ( the shop was thankfully very close to the host’s house). So tell me, is it just me, or do these things happen to everyone?!

7 thoughts on “Incomplete Chaos

  1. pottypooper says:

    I used to believe that I was the biggest screw-up queen of all times.. You know accidentally switching odomos for pepsodent while brushing my teeth, at a camp site.. or putting surf instead of tang in the sipper. (at the very same camp). lol but I am glad I have other companions too :-)

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