Days Like These…

NYE was pretty standard. Party, fireworks, getting home at 5am etc.

It used to be that I was very superstitious about how I spent my NYE. I’m not anymore. But I do like spending the first day of the year in a way that makes me happy. This, for me, is a way to kinda make sure that I don’t forget what’s important for me.

I went to the spa for a massage in the morning. I wasn’t the only one with this brilliant idea though. Seemed like everyone wanted to knead off the stress of partying the night before (I know I know! Then why do it? Good question!) I didn’t get an appointment at my regular branch at the time I wanted cos they were too busy. So I went to the other one they recommended. It was fantastic in all respects except for ONE really weird thing. The loo in in the changing room had a buddha-like statue facing  the toilet! So if you sat down in the loo, you’d be staring straight at this dude! Very disconcerting! I had to take pictures of course! :D Here you go!

See what I mean!

See what I mean!


no one really wants an audience while they’re in the loo you know!

After the massage (which was excellent and almost made me forget about the weird statue staring at me in the loo), I had to rush home cos I was having friends over for dinner. I made this delicious pasta and a version of Jamie Oilver’s garlic bread.

Dinner and drinks

Dinner and drinks

Thankfully, it turned out well and we spent a lovely evening stuffing ourselves silly and drinking eggnog strong enough to down an elephant! The evening only ended at 1am, which of course meant that I was late to work on my first day back! I’m okay with that though! ;)

Here’s to more days like this!

Cheers and a Happy New Year to all! *clink*

4 thoughts on “Days Like These…

  1. Stutee says:

    That’s it. I am never visiting your blog while I am already more than three hours past my last meal. Nope, never again. Only after I am so full that there is no more room for hogging am I going to end up here. The food items get glued to my memory and then I am never at peace till the time I don’t have them

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