The Grand Mosque

I made a promise to myself to publish a post every single weekday until the end of the month, and I’ve already defaulted on it cos I didn’t post anything yesterday!

It’s a tough week at work, loads of organizational changes, loads of all-day meetings that finish with team-dinners that run into the night… so I’ve not exactly been able to take the time out to blog. (Look at me, giving myself excuses for not posting. Pathetic!). Without further ado… let me get started on today’s post. We are exploring places in the UAE again today.

I’d been meaning to go to the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi ever since I first caught sight of it on one of my numerous drives to Abu Dhabi for work. It is a beautiful structure and the intricate work on the building is reminiscent of the kind of work done on the Taj Mahal.


If you have the chance to, I’d definitely recommend a visit. It’s open to tourists and they give women abayas to wear at the entrance. The abayas come with a hood (to avoid having to give them burkhas separately I suppose) and I felt like a total ninja in it! Just hand me a nunchuck  already! :D

I’m not very religious, and rarely go to places of worship for religious reasons. I do meditate though, and prefer places of worship to be quiet and peaceful and hate crowded places where you’re being poked  in the ribs by rude people and pushed along in a crowd. This mosque is not only beautiful, but also very peaceful and so big that the crowds don’t seem to affect it’s serenity.

IMAG1020 (1)


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