If We Took a Holiday…

I desperately need a vacation! I feel listless and depressed. The Dubai summer is relentless and has brought with it intense humidity as well. Just walking to the car makes me start sweating and the summer somehow saps all the energy outta me. It makes me wanna curl up into a hole and drink margaritas till October (when I’ll simply switch to Irish coffee of course! *grin*).

I remember a summer like this one, a  few years ago. We had a long weekend and my friends and I decided to escape the heat and go away to Nasik.

We landed in Bombay to a wet and gray morning, which was just wonderful after all that intense yellow heat of Dubai. We set off immediately.

Onward to Nasik!

Onward to Nasik!

We stayed at the Beyond, a bungalow nestled in the middle of the vineyards of Sula.

The Beyond

The Beyond

If you look at their website now, you’ll see what they call The Beyond is a 32 room resort with a spa and all the other trimmings. But when we went there in 2009, they just had one bungalow, no restaurant, no resort or spa. This was quite perfect for us, cos you know how we prefer renting homes to hotel rooms.

we had hammocks!! :D

we had hammocks!! :D

Since it was off-season, we had the run of the entire place, including the surrounding hills and lakes.

View from the house

View from the house

Of course, other than lazy walks to the lake and hills, we didn’t do much of anything.


At The Beyond



Oh hang on! There was one thing we did with gusto! We ate! We ate like there was no tomorrow!

The bungalow came with three men who would cook and clean for us. I’d have happily married the cook and brought him back with me, he was so good! We’d start the morning around the massive round dining table. The cook would make hot paranthas and bring them out as soon as he made one instead of stacking them up to serve all of us together. This had all of us scrambling for the prime spot- the chair closest to the kitchen. When things got a bit ridiculous, the cook just shook his head and cut the paranthas into portions so he could serve more of us and make us behave like the adults we were pretending to be.

Then of course, he’d ask us if we wanted chai. We’d all nod our heads, but by the time he brought out the chai, we would have started on the wine (Yeah, right after breakfast. Don’t judge us! We were on vacation!)

In fact… a lot of wine was had!



When you know you've had enough  to drink! :P

When you know you’ve had enough to drink :P

We might have lounged around the pool for a bit, might have gone for walks around the hills and the lake. But what we mainly did was eat the wonderful food cooked for us and drink wine like there was no tomorrow! At the end of 3 blissful days, we returned back home with enough excess baggage around our waists to last us till the holiday season.

The end of the rainbow!

The end of the rainbow didn’t have gold, but there was wine!


Sigh. I need a vacation!

18 thoughts on “If We Took a Holiday…

    • Sanjana says:

      The vineyards around us were not like what I expected. I thought they’d tower over us, but they were only about 5ft tall And confined to neat little rows. *Shrug* Still pretty!

  1. K says:

    I’m glad that, for a change, this isn’t about you going somewhere. I’ve just had my trip cancelled and I don’t think I want to hear how much you or anyone enjoyed their holiday ;-)

  2. K says:

    Oh, just thinking about it makes me so angry I’ll probably burst a blood vessel if i repeat it :-) But, it involved watching Leonard Cohen – LIVE – so, yeah, I’m extra pissed off!

  3. Preveena says:

    I miss this trip… the amount of wine and food we had, like there was no tomorrow :)… Panditji we miss your food. I just checked The beyond page now, didn’t know they expanded to resort… but they have maintained the same facade to the resorts.

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