Where Domesticity is Attempted

I know I know… you’re probably wondering why I even keep this blog alive when I have to use a defibrillator and kick-start it to life for a sorry few days with a new post and then let it go comatose again for weeks on end.

I’ve been busy TRYING to travel and when that didn’t work, I was too caught up in coming to terms with the fact that my aussie and brit colleagues had just had the time of their lives ( I could tell by their red-eyed, hungover faces) while I was whiling my life away in boring old Dubai! Don’t get me wrong, Dubai isn’t usually boring. It’s only boring now cos most of my world was away on holiday for the long weekend while I was stuck here.

What bugs me most is when people ask “did you try this?” and offer their suggestion of what I maybe should have done. I had, of course, tried every trick in the book to try and get a visa (short of buying a fake British passport) and was frustrated beyond words at the incompetence of the guys at VFS, who first wouldn’t get me the visa on time, and then, once I withdrew my application for the visa, refused to even give back my passport in time for me to make use of the long weekend we had by taking a short trip someplace, maybe Sri Lanka?

Anyway… as house-bound as I was… I figured I’d make the most of it by catching up on movies and maybe doing up the house, which still looks like I’m halfway through unpacking though I’ve lived here almost 2 years. I need an ottoman to complete my furniture-circle around the TV, and I have a bunch of stuff I bought/photographed from around the globe that needs to be framed and hung up. Of course, I’m not exactly domestic ( I cook quite well, but maintain house? meh!) so I did nothing at all and the house still looks like it always has- incomplete. :/

In order to compensate, I bought me this lil thing.

Meet Vera. Aloe Vera :P

Meet Vera. Aloe Vera :P

It’s an aloe vera plant. Isn’t it  pretty? :D I bought aloe vera cos I’ve handled it before (my parents used to have a massive version of this plant), and because it’s a cactus succulent, so it’s pretty low maintenance. If you know me at all, you’ll know that I made the right decision by not buying anything too delicate. I need hardy, I need tough! Something with an IP rating if possible!

And now, I hope and pray that I get to at least go on my vacation  next month without any problems! My trips this year have been jinxed twice already! It would be cruel if it were to happen again!

Bring me luck Vera!

8 thoughts on “Where Domesticity is Attempted

    • Sanjana says:

      Ashiiiii! How can you sayyyy that?! The last aloe vera thriiiived! I had to give the baby ones that kept growing and crowding around my main one off to people! hmph!

      Just you wait, I’ll bring you a branch, and make you sit on it! ;P

  1. desi Traveler says:

    Oh,… so you could not go.. too bad… And yes it is Aloe Vera, but no it is not a cactus, it is a succulent. How do I know? Well search my blog :) Would just like to add an old saying ” All cactii are succulents, but all succulents are not cactii”

    • Sanjana says:

      oh boy! okayyy then! just aloe vera! I almost bought me an echeveria, but found this prettier. I guess that’s also NOT a cactus (googled it). :)

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