The Cookie Monster

I baked cookies… and it was gooooood!

I’ve baked oatmeal raisin cookies before, and dark chocolate cookies, but I always kinda modified the recipes  a bit (the dark chocolate cookies’ original recipe actually called for white chocolate! :P) and ended up with a different product altogether. This time though, I followed the recipe almost exactly and ended up with a wonderful batch of chewy deliciousness and a house that smelled absolutely heavenly.

Granted, I started cooking really late on a weekday and forgot that the cookies needed time to cool, so I went to bed really late that night, that too with a tummy full of cookies (what? You don’t expect me to just sit there quietly while a batch of cookies stares at me and dares me to eat em do you?!) but it was totally worth it!

I’d baked them for my colleague’s birthday and she loved them, as did the rest of my colleagues. I’m not saying I’m a super baker now or anything like that, nu-uh! The recipe is just really simple to follow and the cookie is an amalgamation of really delicious stuff, so how can you go wrong?! How can anyone go wrong with peanut butter and jelly anyway?! :D

Try them out and see for yourself! Here’s the recipe.  And here’s a picture of my handiwork! :D

peanut butter and fig preserve cookies

peanut butter and fig preserve cookies

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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