Life’s Pelting Lemons

Notes to self based on experiences of the previous week:

1. Working so hard that you forget to have lunch is just NOT DONE!  Also, to then have a bar of chocolate and call it lunch, is again, NOT done.

2. Do not cry in public. Seriously. You’re a grown woman (or at least you’d like others to believe!). The people at the embassy don’t care that you have been on the road working your ass off all week, they will still make you wait from 10am till 3pm before accepting your application for the visa. Because some people are jerks like that.

3. Work on getting another passport immediately! One that is more travel-friendly and has more visa-on-arrival status on it, like a Canadian/ European or American one.

Need a better passport

Need a better passport

4. Do not go grocery shopping when you’re upset. You will end up buying way too much ice cream and then proceed to eat your way through your emotional hellhole. By the time you reach the end of your depressed state, you will look in the mirror and spiral right back down into that hole again.

5. Calm the fuck down!

find happiness within

find happiness within

*deep breath*





And how are you? 


8 thoughts on “Life’s Pelting Lemons

  1. hAAthi says:

    Dude! Why so much unhappiness?
    Go bake a cake and eat it :)
    But it does sound like an emotional hellhole. I personally know how it can get when your routine is fucked beyond a point of recognition and youre working way harder than you originally even wanted or cared to. I hope you find some time and space to catch a breather or travel someplace sans work. Until then, senidng you some good Goan juju and big hugs. xoxx

  2. mniranjani says:

    2013 has taken the terms ‘chaotic’ and ‘stressful’ to a new level. There are days when I’m scared to open my eyes because I know the whole day will be like an uphill run where you never reach the top. But the only way is to go there and get through it. Hang in there and try to enjoy the little things, you’ll get through.

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