Kiss the (new) Cook!

The world in sepia (thanks to the Mission Impossible style sandstorm)

The world in sepia (thanks to the Mission Impossible style sandstorm)

This weekend was dusty and hazy, with sandstorms and then thunderstorms that finally washed out the dust, but left my newly cleaned car dirtier than a hippo in a puddle. It got my allergies going and I was sneezing all Thursday night while I was out with friends (horrible beginning to the weekend!) and spent Friday cooped up indoors, sniffling and coughing and staring at the TV in a medicine-induced haze.

I woke up early on Saturday feeling a lot better and baked a couple of loaves of bread for this lil darling’s birthday party at the park. We spent the day stuffing our faces with V’s excellent food (I’m sure she’ll do a post about it here) and playing fun games at the park. It was a lot of fun, but I was knocked out by the end of the day and slept like a log!

And yeah, notice how casually I slipped in the “baking bread” part? :D  I’ve been baking bread for a while now. I have this wonderful lady to thank for inspiring me to start baking. In fact, whenever I’m on a culinary slump, I just go to her blog  and somehow, it inspires me to run to the grocery to stock up on fresh ingredients and start cooking again!

In fact, I’ve gotten so much into cooking that I invited my friends over for lunch one weekend and whipped up a lunch of lasagna and home-made garlic bread, which we washed off with some very good wine!


home-made garlic & herb bread, lasagna and wine :D

I took the recipe for the lasagna off this blog and modified it slightly (used ricotta instead of cottage cheese for the white sauce) and also made a vegetarian option with eggplant, both of which turned out very well, which was quite lucky, as it was my first time trying out lasagna!

lunch is served


Of course, those of you who’ve been reading this blog often enough know that I have these sporadic bursts of energy to do stuff like cooking and baking and exercising which is interspersed with periods of manic work-travel when I come home exhausted and eat take-out and stare mindlessly at the TV for days on end.

One trip to Oman was enough to throw me off-track as far as exercise was concerned, and tonight, I leave for Kerala (again! I never usually go to Kerala twice in a year) where I doubt any form of exercise will be done! My dad’s been cooking a lot since my mom fell ill. He’s an excellent cook, and I’m sure to spend a lot of time eating and not-exercising, so God help me! If I’m still able to fit into my skinny jeans when I get back, I’ll be very thankful! Also, very surprised! :P

Until next time… Ciao!

13 thoughts on “Kiss the (new) Cook!

  1. desi Traveler says:

    What a delicious post,,, and it just came when I was about to go for lunch,,, now I have a good appetite after seeing all those pictures of bread and lasagna… So Yes Hungry… :)

  2. nmaha says:

    A lot of people find baling and cooking relaxing, such as my husband. Good for you and that garlic bread looks yum. For me any sort of cooking is a chore and I do it with an aim to finish quickly with an edible end product:-)

    • Sanjana says:

      I do find it relaxing, but cooking for an audience is stressful! I started preparing the lasagna a night before so all I’d have to do was bake it a half hour before my friends arrived. But it took a long time to make the sauces and once I was done with the non-veg one, I realized I didn’t have enough ingredients left over for the veg! This was at 2am, so had to run to the store early in the morning for more stuff and cook the veg lasagna after everyone arrived!

  3. J says:

    t……………he guy would be the “dutiful son” and “sacrifice his love” for the sake of his parents… you are collateral damage in this situation.
    The son just realized what he’s up against and whether he has the balls to be an adult or not.’

    Love your definition of an ‘adult’.

    In your opinion, it’s wrong to love one’s parents as an adult. One should be ready to hurt their parents’ emotions without any tender feelings for his parents who gave up their entire life for him and will continue to do so in future (one sole issue of son’s marriage doesn’t decide their love for him) but never his girlfriend of recent acquaintance.

    If leaving her would break her heart, can you imagine the pain of a parent. No, you can’t because your heart dances with joy everytime a guy misbehaves or hurts with his parents.

    Your definition of adult is that be a dutiful husband/bf but never a loving & affectionate son.

    How convenient, selfish & inhuman.

    Remember, it’s not actually a sense duty (of a son) that guides many guys but the spontaneity of love for their parents that guides them.

    Have a look in the mirror today :)

    • Sanjana says:

      Actually Mr/ Ms J, you misunderstand my definition of an adult.

      My definition of an adult is not someone who does not respect or love their parents. It is someone who has the guts to take responsibility of their own lives and stand by their decisions.
      It is wrong of the parents to bring their child up to be an adult and then expect no independent thought or action from said “adult”. When the child is growing up, he/she should be brought up with the values that the parents want to instill in their children. Once the kids are grown up however, the parents must not decide for them. They should trust in their parenting skills thus far and support their son or daughter’s decision instead of doing what they typically do in India, which is force the child through emotional blackmail of having brought up the child to bend to their ways.

      It is selfish of the parents to expect their child’s dreams and wishes to be the same as their own. It is silly of the parents to be hurt (in this case that we are commenting on) of their son’s decision to marry a perfectly sensible and sound girl simply because she is from a different caste.
      If the son knew he would only follow what his parents asked him to, it was selfish of HIM to pursue the relationship with this girl in the first place.

      Leaving her will break her heart. BUt him marrying her need not break anyone’s heart cos when a guy marries, it does not mean he absolves himself of his relationship with his parents. His parents can choose to respect his decision, accept the girl into their lives, and co-exist *happily* together without losing a son, but by gaining a daughter.
      The parents instead, oppressed by the crap that society says and inhibited by their small mindset, choose instead to use emotional blackmail on a son with no spine to stand up for himself, which of course, means that the poor girl in question IS collateral damage.

      So don’t give me this holier than thou attitude when you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  4. J says:

    I would certainly give you holier than thou attitude because you don’t understand anything about parental love.
    What if that woman might be a gold digger or using the guy to achieve her selfish motives.

    If there are assumptions, let them be.

    It’s not emotional blackmail by parents because you would have applied this definition to a girl had the girl been asking him to stay way from his parents.
    They were simply expressing their desire.

    You would have said the same thing – grow spine and encouraged him to blindly fight with his parents for his wife and sibling regardless of how good they would be.

    That just makes your double standards all the more evident.

    Accept any girl – I don’t understand this definition – what if the son gets interested in a prostitute (which ultimately will harm him in future), accept her too because parents shouldn’t have any say in their adult kid’s lives.

    You talk about selfish Indian parents who control their kids’ choices ; what about selfish western parents then who put their infants to sleep in an other room (oh! they must be fostering a sense of independence in them or may be they want to lay on their beds far way from the shrills of their kid), ask their high school kids to pay for the telephone bills, 18 yo olds to fend for themselves & pay their university fees (even if it means to work at odd hours at some local diner) & ask them to pay the rent too for their own kids can’t overstay their welcome at the parents’ house.

    A bf/gf of recent acquaintance is dearer to ones’ heart than one’s own parents/siblings so much so they can break their heart but not the other way around. WOW!

    I am Mr. J but calling me names only further validates my opinion of you.
    Anyway how does it matter to you if I don’t mention my name. I could have done that – offered a fake name & that would have left you satisfied. Really?

    But if you still love the guessing game – carry on – add on letters , play scrabble & more …………..:o)

    yes, poor girl lol!

  5. Sanjana says:

    Tch tch.
    I’m not sure if you genuinely don’t understand what I’m saying or are just pretending to not understand.
    I reiterate – being an adult simply means being able to make decisions on your own and take responsibility for the same.

    “What if” the woman is a gold digger or a prostitute is a stupid question. In this case, the only argument the parents have is that the girl is from a different caste. Besides, even if she was a gold digger or a prostitute, it is the son’s choice to make, not the parents’.
    And you speak of prostitutes like they are not humans, What about the men who go to prostitutes, who are responsible for making that industry the longest running profession in the world? Those men don’t have any stigma attached to them do they? Then why do prostitutes? But that is a different argument altogether…

    In fact… with whatever you say… there are SO many things I could argue against, but it would all be useless, cos you are set in your stunted, co-dependent ways, to the point that you think it is normal. You are raving, about things that mean nothing at all.

    Oh, and your opinion of me does not matter to me in the least.

  6. J says:

    I know prostitutes are human beings but I don’t have any regard for those who embrace that profession by free will/choice (for earning money the easy way is an enticing thought for them).

    Now, such prostitutes marry out of greed for money so they would basically ruin the men they get married too or keep on carrying extra-marital affairs without the husband’s knowledge.

    Sex workers who are coerced into it by abductions or human trade are different though they could expose the husband to whole lot of infections, health risks & more.

    And, if men visit prostitutes, those men are equally perverted & filthy. Why would I change my stance?

    Love is blind, we all know that and sometimes a person inspite of knowing the strong flaws of the other person finds it difficult to get away from him/her. (the entire body chemistry changes akin to addiction with strong withdrawl symptomswhen people fall in love; it’s a scientific phenomenon, watch national geographic) but this is something parents can realise and correct their kid.

    ‘Besides, even if she was a gold digger or a prostitute, it is the son’s choice to make, not the parents’.

    This is where you go completely wrong; parents don’t have a right and they should silently see the kid suffer from a distance if he/she make a wrong life decision.. This western notion of allows your kids to fall and learn from their mistakes when they are adults is sickening because the pain that they would feel, remains the same everytime the kid falls, he could be 5 or 50 yo.

    You won’t understand that depth of love. Never.

    Co-dependency in a spousal relationship is fine but never in a parent-offspring relationship; that’s what you feel.

    Prevention is better than cure.

    And, why all that drama; the girl could easily step aside if he truly loves him.

    I have often observed many self-centred, jealous women say on forums these days, love should be unconditional and unfettered & so the guy’s parents should move away but for a change, apply that to yourselves too and prove that your love is unconditional.

    Move away from the guy’s life.

    ‘being an adult simply means being able to make decisions on your own and take responsibility for the same’

    Yes, I understand it but at the expense of ruining your parents’ lives and breaking their hearts (quite literally too)?

    That would be a very mean adult. If at all he needs to seek parental approval, he can politely try to convince his parents with loads of patience.

    What irks me is when people say just cut off your relationship, grow up a spine as if spine is only meant to honour his commitment to his gf but never for his parents.

    hate it!

  7. Sanjana says:

    You think prostitution is an “easy way” to make money… you think love is blind to the point that a man cannot be trusted to rely on his own judgement, I suppose you also probably think a man cannot be held accountable for raping a woman? Cos that’s the next thing I expect you to say!

    Really, no one is asking anyone to cut off relationships. But if parents think they are entitled to servitude from their kids simply cos they brought children into the world and brought them up, that is ridiculous! Unfortunately, this is the norm in India.

    If you decide to have children, it is your responsibility to nurture and care for them and bring them up, until they are adults.
    There is nothing wrong with working in a diner or as a waiter or anything to make money while studying. It makes you value money more, it instills in you a a sense of dignity in labour and makes you self-reliant.
    There is nothing wrong in paying for your tuition for college (although your generalization that all Americans throw their kids out and that they don’t care for their children is wrong, just as your assumptions about so many other things).

    Also, codependency is NOT FINE between spouses or parents or parent-child or ANYONE. Don’t put words into my mouth.

    You’re so skewed in your thinking that a comment is not enough to make you understand just HOW MUCH of what you think is messed up.

    And you clearly have nothing better to do than to rant anonymously.
    I’ve had enough of you and your spam comments unrelated to my blog posts.

    This ends here.

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