Kiss the (new) Cook!

The world in sepia (thanks to the Mission Impossible style sandstorm)

The world in sepia (thanks to the Mission Impossible style sandstorm)

This weekend was dusty and hazy, with sandstorms and then thunderstorms that finally washed out the dust, but left my newly cleaned car dirtier than a hippo in a puddle. It got my allergies going and I was sneezing all Thursday night while I was out with friends (horrible beginning to the weekend!) and spent Friday cooped up indoors, sniffling and coughing and staring at the TV in a medicine-induced haze.

I woke up early on Saturday feeling a lot better and baked a couple of loaves of bread for this lil darling’s birthday party at the park. We spent the day stuffing our faces with V’s excellent food (I’m sure she’ll do a post about it here) and playing fun games at the park. It was a lot of fun, but I was knocked out by the end of the day and slept like a log!

And yeah, notice how casually I slipped in the “baking bread” part? :D  I’ve been baking bread for a while now. I have this wonderful lady to thank for inspiring me to start baking. In fact, whenever I’m on a culinary slump, I just go to her blog  and somehow, it inspires me to run to the grocery to stock up on fresh ingredients and start cooking again!

In fact, I’ve gotten so much into cooking that I invited my friends over for lunch one weekend and whipped up a lunch of lasagna and home-made garlic bread, which we washed off with some very good wine!


home-made garlic & herb bread, lasagna and wine :D

I took the recipe for the lasagna off this blog and modified it slightly (used ricotta instead of cottage cheese for the white sauce) and also made a vegetarian option with eggplant, both of which turned out very well, which was quite lucky, as it was my first time trying out lasagna!

lunch is served


Of course, those of you who’ve been reading this blog often enough know that I have these sporadic bursts of energy to do stuff like cooking and baking and exercising which is interspersed with periods of manic work-travel when I come home exhausted and eat take-out and stare mindlessly at the TV for days on end.

One trip to Oman was enough to throw me off-track as far as exercise was concerned, and tonight, I leave for Kerala (again! I never usually go to Kerala twice in a year) where I doubt any form of exercise will be done! My dad’s been cooking a lot since my mom fell ill. He’s an excellent cook, and I’m sure to spend a lot of time eating and not-exercising, so God help me! If I’m still able to fit into my skinny jeans when I get back, I’ll be very thankful! Also, very surprised! :P

Until next time… Ciao!