Fighting Fit

So I’m sitting on the couch in the evening, watching TV, and if you looked at me, you’d think that everything’s absolutely normal. But there’s a war going on in my head! A crazy war of wits (or a war of crazy wits!) between the woman who wants to exercise and get fit and be energetic & the woman who wants to not do anything at all and just slack around.

The Good Me knows I’ve not been working out at ALL! That I’ve gained the two kilos I’d lost by walking all over Italy, and then some… that I’ve stopped yoga and jogging and walking or ANY form of exercise… and that I’m being stupid, cos I actually feel worse by not working out. I have less energy, my body hurts and I need caffeine to keep me going through the day.

But Slacker Me is a sly lil bitch! She has all the excuses! She talks about how work’s been hectic, how exhauuuusting it is to constantly be around clients and be on “people mode” all friggin day, how even my meals are about work, with breakfast and lunch meetings with clients and stuff, so I deserve to chill out for a while.

This confuses me, which is exactly what Slacker chick wants. And then, because the part of me that wants to exercise won’t shut up about it, Slacker negotiates, the sly minx!

It’s 7:13pm now. I’ll go by 7:30. 7:13 is such an odd number!

At 7:30…. ” Oooh! I love this show! I’ll go after that!

After said show…. “If I go NOW, then I’ll end up having a late dinner, which is just NOT HEALTHY! So really, I should have dinner NOW, and THEN go!”

After dinner… ” Oh boy! It’s too late now! I’ll get up early tomorrow and go for a jog. Early morning jogs are the best! I’m going to put the alarm for 6:30am!”

Of course, Slacker Me and the snooze button have an understanding between us, and we snigger quietly, cos everyone knows I’m not getting out of bed until 8am.


Now that I’m awake and feeling miserable all over again, I want to beat Slacker chick senseless and start running again. I want to breathe in the fresh morning air and jog around the block till my heart’s racing and cheeks are flushed. I want to be able to ride on that adrenalin high instead of drinking coffee to keep me going. I want to DO things other than just work and sleep. I want to be able to enjoy my downtime without having to wage a war in my head about whether I really deserve it or not.

I want…. oh yeahhh! I want an exercise partner! We will push each other and keep each other going when one of us wants to give up. Okay… so if there are any strong-willed people out there who can deal with Slacker chick’s negotiation skills, please mail me at!

Pretty please?

14 thoughts on “Fighting Fit

  1. swatimital says:

    When I lose my running mojo, I start running during lunch hour… that way I know that I have a fixed window in which to run and shower and get back to my desk/meetings.

  2. hAAthi says:

    OMG so hear you on that constant struggle in the head business.. Iv been there, but the trick is to fight slacker chick 3 days in a row. Thats usually enough to get over the starting trouble, and then once youre in the routine, it falls into place fabulously. When Im having starting trouble and slacker chic is getting the better of me, I pick a pretty spot to run. Usually go off to the beach, dont think of it as exercise, tell myself im doing myself a favour and getting a chance of scene, and trick myself into it :P

    • Sanjana says:

      That’s the problem! The routine thing! Slacker chick has an advantage cos my schedule is all messed up cos of work and travel and stuff. Anyway, that’s also prolly Slacker chick talking. I’ll just have to work around it.

  3. Rakesh says:

    absolutely true…. Didn’t think it would be this hard to begin exercising. I’ve just started a week and my body is already thinking its enough and I don’t need to anymore.

    An exercise partner would be awesome. Where do you stay but? I’m on SZR. Here’s the deal, I suggest a good run, 3 times a week at a park exactly between our locations. What do you say? My exercise time is 6 to 7 pm or thereabouts, so fits perfect.

  4. nmaha says:

    I can so identify Sanju. Here’s what finally worked for me.
    Use one of your running shoes to hit lsacker babe on the head and get out that door. You can run anywhere (will except a few places like Delhi) and it doesn’t have to be everyday, just three days a week. The other three days you can do a kettle bell, yoga, pilates workout at home. If you really need motivation join something fun, like belly dancing, a couple of times a week.

    • Sanjana says:

      My main problem is my schedule. Sometimes my day starts at 4am and ends at 7pm in a different country, like Qatar or something. On other days I have meetings from morning till night and all I wanna do when I get home is just sit still.
      This is all fine. But the sitting still part wins even when I’ve NOT been running around the Middle East all day cos *that’s* what I do at the end of the day. Which is the problem.

      And no way can I join any classes. :( My schedule is too messed up to be available for regular classes.

  5. Pari says:

    Hey, Why don’t you try running on treadmills while you can…I mean that way you would not have to worry about timings, and probably while travelling, while/if time permits, hit the gym in the hotel where you staying? I am not a gym person (I have come to terms with that fact) but I do my bit of yoga and jogs here and there. That way I do not feel guilty while eating the delicious pound cake ;)

    • Sanjana says:

      I always carry running shoes with me when I’m traveling with the intention of running the treadmill at the gym. I end up either working, or falling asleep in front of the TV from exhaustion instead. :/

  6. Bangalore Dude says:

    Hi, I came to your blog from IHM’s.

    Ah, tell me about it! I go through the same routine with my own personal slacker, every day.

    But the one thing that I have found works, is to make fitness a social activity. So I play badminton, and slacker me can’t back out because it would let my partner down. I have a friend who goes running three times a week in the early mornings with her recreational running group, and because she does it with a bunch of friends they all motivate each other.

    And when I used to go to the gym, I used to hire a personal trainer. Waste of money because he didn’t show me anything I didn’t know already, but the knowledge that I had to be there at 7am for our session kept slacker me in line.

    Unfortunately, I ended up dumping the personal trainer, because he took another trainee who would start around 7.15am. She was young, pretty and female. And the moment she came in, my trainer would tell me “ok John, do five of this exercise, seven of that, and three of that, and see you day-after-tomorrow at the same time”. And over to her he would go. This cheesed me off sufficiently that I dumped him.

    • Sanjana says:

      Aww! Too bad you had to dump your trainer.Why didn’t you get another one?
      I know having a buddy to train with or exercise with is a lot better than doing it solo, but it’s difficult to find somebody especially considering my work hours. But I am going to take up snowboarding lessons soon with a friend of mine, so fingers crossed! :-)

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