Hating It

I’ve to go to Oman again next week, from Sunday till friggin Tuesday, and I’m just pissed off. Pissed off that the stupid place gives me no business and yet I have to spend time there. Pissed off that the clients there are the laziest bunch of people I’ve ever met with absolutely no drive or ambition whatsoever. Pissed off that I have to fly in so fucking early cos there is no later flight. Pissed off that there are no good hotels in the city. Pissed off that I have to spend time away from my home, and I get ABSOLUTELY no benefit from it. 



8 thoughts on “Hating It

      • hAAthi says:

        Oh lovely. I love it when life gets simple and wound down and I dont have to so much as step out of the house but still feel happy and content just doing silly things around the house!

        • Sanjana says:

          Yup! And I really needed to just sit still for a while and be by myself, so I rejected invites to movies and all of that so I could just sit at home and chill. :)

          • hAAthi says:

            OMG I totally get that.. Its all I seem to do these days. In fact I do SO MUCH of it, that this last Saturday I decided I needed to get out, see the world, eat some greasy food, interact with some hyoomans other than my maid and the husband — so I did. Went out loafing, had myself a biryani, went to the beach with a book, and then went to the Night Market..

            • Sanjana says:

              Nice! Although with me, it was more of social interactions that I’d needed a break from. Brunch and dinner and lunches and running around for all of it. Bloody tiring! Needed a social detox!

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