The Years Just Fly By!

Happy New Year folks!

I hope you all had an awesome beginning of the year! I, for one, will definitely miss 2012, though it seems to have just flown by so quickly that I’m a little out of breath just thinking about it! It started out awesome with a new job, which was the big change of the year. I kept traveling, and went to 5 new places – Lebanon, France, Goa, Nepal… and Italy!

Yeah, that’s why I didn’t put up any year-end posts. I was too busy planning and then being on my year-end holiday that spilled over into the new year. If you’ve been following my twitter feed, you’ll know that the itinerary was Rome- Amalfi- Capri-Sorrento- Naples and back to Rome.

I’m trying to gather my thoughts about the entire experience so I can put it down in some sort of coherent manner. It was wonderful in SO many ways that I’m torn about where to start and what to say.

So I’ll just wish you the best for 2013 and be back soon (hopefully) with a more detailed review of my Italian sojourn!


Sunrise in Rome

Sunrise in Rome


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