I kept writing and re-writing this post cos there’s so much I want to talk about Nepal and there just isn’t enough space to write it all and make it readable! It was overwhelming, very much like India is, and the Himalayas are just so magnificent that it takes your breath away.

I was only there for 3 days, but I have over 500 photos! I think I might have gone a little overboard, but I just bought a new camera and just kept clicking! This also explains why some of my night pictures are blurry, cos I’m still learning how to work with the camera.

I’ve decided I’m going to let the pictures do the talking (mostly!), so here goes:

At Rum Doodle! :D

At Rum Doodle! :D

If you’re in Thamel (and you should go there if you’re in Kathmandu!), you should check out The Rum Doodle! It’s almost like a pilgrimage of sorts for mountain lovers, and it’s so much fun to read all the stuff people put up on the walls!


Waking up at 5 to ready ourselves for a 6:30am flight over the Himalayas when it’s 4 deg C outside sounds like madness. But the views totally make up for everything! They give you a little pamphlet that contains a pictorial representation of all the peaks, and as you fly past them, the flight attendants point them all out to us.

The Himalayan ranges

The Himalayan ranges

The Himalayan ranges again... for real!

The Himalayan ranges again… for real!

That's Cloud Nine down there! :P

That’s Cloud Nine down there! :P

Flying over the heavens

Our pilot

View from the cockpit

View from the cockpit


When I read about the Pashupathinath Temple, I wasn’t all that interested to check it out. But I’m so glad our guide took us there! It was fascinating!

We got there after dark, when it was near closing time, and I walked around the temple fascinated by the fact that there were more monkeys than people there! The monkeys ignored us and nonchalantly swung from columns to walls and scrambled up bell-ropes, the chimes of which added to the music I could hear playing somewhere farther away.

I followed the music to the back of the temple and stared down the balcony at a dead body, resting on the steps leading down to a pond. It was a cremation ground. The music was from a puja being conducted there.

A puja (prayer ritual) at the cremation ground outside the Pashupathinath temple

A puja (prayer ritual) at the cremation ground outside the Pashupathinath temple

Puja at the cremation ground

Puja at the cremation ground

I have a lot more pictures and scores of little experiences I’d like to talk about, cos Nepal is that kind of place, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much!

I have a lot more travel-stuff coming up as well, so stay posted! :)



13 thoughts on “Nepal

  1. Rakesh says:

    500 photos in 3 days!!! Wow… and not one of you :P

    And a lot more travelling coming up! I envy you

    Haven’t been to Nepal yet, but someday for sure. Would probably go on a hike to everst base camp.

    • Sanjana says:

      I have some of me. :P
      I’m seriously looking into the EBC thing. But it’s not easy at ALL. Will need to train for it and take 20 days off work for this.
      So I’m not sure I’ll do it. Let’s see.

    • Sanjana says:

      :) I was all charged up and raring to go when I was in Nepal, especially at the Rum Doodle. I came back and spoke to a couple of friends of mine who’ve done it and though they loved it, their stories of altitude sickness and the biting cold and going numb and feeling nauseated THROUGHOUT kinda curbed my enthusiasm.

  2. nmaha says:

    Sanju it sounds like an amazing trip. Wasn’t the rid over the Himalayas the best ever! Wow! 500 pictures, that’s a lot for three days. Did you get a chance to go white water rafting? Waiting to see the and read more.
    The Everest base camp is on my must do list, though I’m sure my little bro will do it way before me, he has already climbed Kilimanjaro (which we always dreamed of doing together). Go for it soon, coz time does slip away and responsibilities tend to pile up.

    • Sanjana says:

      It was pretty intense!
      The ride over the Himalayas was beautiful! No, didn’t go to Pokhara, so no white-water rafting. We were only there for 3 days babe! The last day was spent at the hotel chilling out, cos we were up at the crack of dawn and was on little or no sleep.

      Base camp is definitely on the list, but there are too many other things on the list as well fighting for attention. :)

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