On a Whim!

When I talk about our group trips to people, they always comment on how we all manage to plan our time off from work at the same time in order to go on a break together. But really, timing is of the least concern when planning such a trip. It is easy for people who don’t work at the same place to plan trips together. What really matters is that we share the same lust for travel and adventure. And the more people I meet who are amazed at our teamwork to put together such trips, the more I realize how lucky I am to have friends who are as crazy about travel as I am.

This fact was drilled down to me all the more when last week, when my friend S pinged us (in our whatsapp group chat) cos he was watching Zindagi na Milegi Dubara on TV. It was making him wanna take off on a holiday somewhere! That made me switch channels to the movie as well (for the uninitiated, the movie is about three friends who drive around Spain on their holiday), and watching the movie made me miss my holidays with the gang even more!  Our holiday in June seemed like a long time ago and our next big one was too far away to keep me at bay.

S said “Guys! Let’s go somewhere for the long weekend coming up in Dec!”  ” I’m iiiiiiiiin!” I chimed in enthusiastically! V and her husband Sp also agreed!! When his wife H said yes as well, S was taken aback! He hadn’t expected so many people to agree, least of all his wife, who is usually the practical one when it comes to such things! :D

We met up on Monday after work to discuss more and decide whether it was “practical” to do this. Of course… practicality was thrown to the winds. Someone said ” zindagi na milegi dubara” (ahem! could have been me, I’m filmier than the rest :P) and we took out our credit cards to seal the deal by booking the tickets. We got home late, after midnight, cos we were feverishly looking up cheap rates for good hotels and cheaper airfares to get us there!

Finally, a week down the line, there are 7 of us plus an enthusiastic toddler (how could she not be?! I’m her fairy god-mom of travel after all!), and we’re off to Nepal for the long weekend! :)

By the time you read this, I should be in Kathmandu, hopefully looking up at the Himalayas and sipping on chai. I’ll be back with updates and pics on the trip soon!

How often do you do something on a whim?

Dilon mein tum apni betaabiyan leke chal rahe ho, toh zinda ho tum.
Jo apni aankhon mein hairaniyan leke chal rahe ho, toh zinda ho tum


The hindi poem is by Gulzar, taken from the movie Zindagi na Milegi Dubara. 


13 thoughts on “On a Whim!

  1. hAAthi says:

    super duper awesome. 2012 has been a super year of travel for you.. im so envious, but i shall continue to live vicariously through you! i know i can count on you to bring us some pics and lovely stories..

    • Sanjana says:

      Babe… you won’t belieeeeve my schedule for next year! I’m thinking that this travel thing has gotten a bit much! I’m not sure why I even pay rent for my house anymore! I should just live outta the airport.

      But yes, pics and posts will be uploaded soon! :)

    • Sanjana says:

      Hey Swati! No, didn’t go trekking, we were only there for 2 days and flew back in on the 3rd. We did look it all up though, and trekking to the base-camp seems like an awesome thing. Although i think I’ll need to train myself for it.
      This trip was completely unplanned and just, like I mentioned, on a whim! :)

  2. Stutee Nag says:

    U knw what? Growing up in my boarding school I had a lot of friends from Nepal and two tuck items that we absolutely adored from nepal were – wai-wai (raw not the cooked one) and titora -ever since I passed out from school.. I have still managed to have wai-wai coz now it is readily available in India but could never ever eat titora again.. (i may be confused bout the name but it is a highly chatpta paper like thing they eat there)- MY MOUTH WATERING ALREADY- plz plz plz try finding out where can we get it in India (and also try it out) I hope u like it too and it tastes every bit as good as I am imagining in my head…
    Rest have a fun filled trip and bring us back some Nepal with u!
    As usual loved ur post..

    • Sanjana says:

      Okay… I read your comment right after I’d stuffed myself at the breakfast buffet and was struggling to finish that last bite of waffles and fruit compote. Even though I was so full of food, your comment got me going in search of more! :P
      I asked the staff at the hotel what exactly these things were and they smiled at me indulgently and told me what it was and where I can buy it ( which is everywhere, apparently!)

      I bought your wai-wai (which I found to be like another brand of Maggi really) and titora (which is quite nice).
      I get your obsession for it though. Tuck-boxes have a whole different magic to themselves don’t they!
      And thank you for making me try something authentically Nepali! :)

  3. nmaha says:

    It’s so great that you have a bunch of like-minded friends. Travel is one of the great pleasures of life, along with good food, books and art, so have a blast. Nepal is an amazing place. Don’t miss out on the helicopter ride to see the himalayas or the white water rafting. Safe travels.

    • Sanjana says:

      We didn’t go via helicopter, we went in the plane. But the ride was splendid and the Himalayas are breathtakingly beautiful! Could not fit in white-water rafting cos we didn’t have time. Besides, it’s best to do that in June when the snow’s melted and there’s a lot of white-water to reckon with.

  4. nmaha says:

    Oh! forgot, I don;t know if it’s too late buut do try and spend atleast one night at a forest reserve hotel (I’m not sure of the exact names since we went about 16 years back).

    • Sanjana says:

      I think you’re talking about the Gokarna Forest Reserve? We tried to get bookings there but it was full! :(
      Although where we stayed was lovely as well, so no complaints!

  5. Stutee Nag says:

    ya wai wai is only okay.. it is actually vry much like maggie but uncooked it tastes a little different.. see with maggie we dont do that.. we don’t have raw maggie….. but titora oh god,, lol i still remmeber what a prized possession it used to be back then.. But can we also get it in India? did they tell u any thing about that? also, I am really glad that u tried em out,, just for my sake,, n also glad,,, tat atleast titora did not disappoint u,,, plus u’ll have to excuse me coz these are all childhood memories and back then we used to be happy eating churpi (god awfull nepali snack lol made from yak-milk) so titora was like the king of all snacks!

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