Molten Love!

The flu’s been relentless this past week. It comes and goes in waves, where one minute I feel fine and the next minute I’m *so* tired it feels like I’ll just flop on the floor like a dishrag. Of course, chocolate helps soothe the sore throat. Especially in the form of freshly baked molten lava cake. And the nose begins to slowly awaken from its dulled senses when the house smells of warm chocolate.

I chanced upon this recipe when I was searching for chocolate-based dishes for a “gourmet night” my friends and I have got planned where I’m in charge of dessert.  I was sick and in bed when I read this and my feverish eyes felt a little better just looking at the lovely picture of the cake with the molten chocolate spilling out of it.

I adjusted for quantities cos I only wanted to make 2 cakes (for sis and me), but I wanted it to be rich and creamy. So instead of halving the quantities, I went by approximation (as I always do, I don’t even have a measuring cup! :P).

butter & eggs, sugar, chocolate and flour and a pinch of salt. That’s it! :)

So I used a little less than half a cup of butter and soft, dark down sugar, a bar of organic bitter chocolate (70% cocoa), 1 whole egg, 2 yolks and 2 tablespoons of flour. Oh, and a pinch of salt!

… and it was good! :D

That’s it really! I just followed the recipe after that and it all came out beautifully! The house was all warm from the baking and smelled divine!

This dish is perfect for a wintry evening when you’re all cold and miserable and want some good, rich chocolate-loving! I know it worked for me! I guess no matter what the problem is, chocolate really is the answer!


8 thoughts on “Molten Love!

  1. Stutee Nag says:

    Me? Baking? The first and the only time I baked a cake — I pounded on the end result (i refuse to call it a cake) endlessly with a belan and it still did not crumble. So that was it for me on the baking front. However, I did go out all by myself and ordered a ton of choco-lava.. (Such a craving I had for it since morning)..It was a good day!

    • Sanjana says:

      *grin* I know what you mean! I’m so easily influenced by suggestions! Just the other day, my friend mentioned having sambar, rice and fish for lunch (something my mom used to make when I was little) and I was craving for it so much I bought some fish with the intention of frying it on the way home! If I could have ordered it, I would have cos it’s too bothersome for me to cook sambar AND rice AND fish!

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