I love theme parties, which automatically makes Halloween my favourite holiday! Of course, in this country, The 31st of Oct is not really a holiday (is it anywhere?), so we celebrated during the weekend.

Since Halloween is my thing,  I hosted the party at my place for about 25 of my friends  And even though I do say so myself, it was a fantastic party! :D

I carved my own pumpkin for the very first time! :D

Of course, it wouldn’t have gone so well if my friends hadn’t pitched in to help with the planning and execution! My sis helped me with my makeup (something which I’m not very good at, but she’s an artist and excellent at it!) and the music, R helped with ordering the finger food, S was the uber-enthusiastic DJ (who kept increasing the volume every time I reduced it cos the security guys same knocking and said the neighbours were threatening to call the cops!!), and V baked an awesome cake to add a layer of red-velvet decadence to the party!

Other than the fear of cops crashing the party, I had a lot of fun! I’d called different groups of friends and put them all together, so was slightly worried about everyone getting along, but they all got along just fine.

Psy teaching everyone the Gangnam style! :P

oooh! I’m holding smoke! :P

I’d be nostalgic about the passing of another halloween, but I’m already preparing for Gourmet Night (something the gang cooked up after watching too many episodes of Masterchef Australia – we form teams and create a 3 course dinner, each team in charge of one course!), Diwali, Xmas and my next trip! I’m not sure how work can fit into this hectic schedule, but since that’s what’s paying the bills, I’m making time for it! :P

Do you celebrate halloween? What is your favourite festival? 

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