Riding in Cars with Boys

So he’s driving me home in his Dodge Charger after lunch, and I’m asking alllll sorts of questions about it. He says ” You wanna drive it?” and I look at him with googly eyes and say YES!!

“Why didn’t you just ask?” “Cos the men I know don’t let girls drive their cars!” He shakes his head, laughs and parks by the side to let me take the wheel.

I need more friends like this!


17 thoughts on “Riding in Cars with Boys

  1. Wow, that’s amazing. In the UK the car insurances are not transferable between drivers and so rarely anyone drives anyone else’s car. Sounds like you had fun driving the batmobile!

    • Really? Are the rules that strict in th uk? Jeez! Here people borrow cars all the time. I used to carpool with my friend and he once brought his fj cruiser ( totally pimped up for off-reading and all) and I had such fun driving it to work! :D

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