I should tell you what I’ve been up to before this blog becomes completely dated and virtual cobwebs start forming in the corners! But I’ve been running like a crazy person all around town and have hardly had time to breathe!

driving through the city

I’ve been busy with work, of course. There was the crazy week of Gitex (I speak of Trade, which is for business visitors and different from Gitex Shopper, which I avoid like the plague cos I’m slightly agoraphobic), which took up most of my time. Our team (and the big bosses) flew in from different corners of the globe, so even after the exhibition was over, we had to take them out to drinks and dinner and talk shop till the wee hours. I would hobble home way past midnight, with my heels in my hands, and plop unceremoniously into bed to sleep like the dead, only to wake up a few hours later to do the whole thing over again. Thank God for make-up, or else I’d have looked like a zombie by the end of it! Btw… ladies… Lancome. Is.  AWEsome!

The end of Gitex (on Thursday) was a huge relief, but instead of kicking back with a glass of red and nursing my poor feet, I decided to go clubbing instead! (call me crazy, see if I care! :P)  I didn’t regret it though. It felt like ages since I’d last been out with the gang. But I realized that it’s a pain to dress up every single day, and that after a week of doing it for Gitex, I didn’t really care that much anymore! Wish this country was more Parisian in that sense. In Paris, they go clubbing in denims and a regular sweater and don’t really dress up all that much, though they still look really put together. Classic and simple is their style! But no, Dubai is like Monte Carlo! It’s all one big swanky party!

doesn’t it look like Om?

We went to the lovely 360, after which we went to a desi club, where they had an awful DJ and it was terribly smoky, the music way too loud. We left the place and, after drunken conversations over burgers and fries, I finally got home at 5am.

I thought I could spend Friday resting, but was woken up at 11am by the maintenance guy who wanted to check my smoke detector. *sigh* The day was spent pleasantly enough… brunching at IHOP, chilling at the beach… the usual weekend-y stuff. Except… this is Dubai after all. And with Eid coming up, they’ve got a new gimmick up their sleeves.

The stores at JBR and all the malls will remain open for twenty four hours until after the eid hols, in a bid to make people shop for even more. My friends and I went to the mall around midnight, curious to see how the crowd would respond to this. Strangely, we seemed to be the only curious ones. The shops were almost empty and by 2am was almost deserted save for the unfortunate staff (I overheard one of them lamenting about how they have to work 12 hour shifts because of this). There was a huge crowd of people hired to go around the mall in PJs and chant ” Night Long! All Night Long!”, but no audience to take heed.


It’s crazy, and I thought the campaign would not work. But never overestimate the shopaholic’s rationality! Apparently that first night was a solitary bust, but now the malls are crowded into the wee hours and some shops are offering a special discount for people who shop after midnight while the radios are advertising movies that play at 6am! :|

You know that line from Madagascar 2, when the animal herds are running towards a volcano, planning on sacrificing Melman to the gods in hopes of creating water, and King Julien says “Hurry up! Before we come to our senses!” ?



Dear God,

Today I got to the office at 9:30 am. I caught up with colleagues and lunched with friends. On the way home, I shopped for fresh groceries. I cooked dinner at night and baked a cake even.
It was the kind of day that a lot would consider normal. Mundane even.
But after weeks of running all around the Middle East, attending one meeting after the other, staying in cold hotels and ordering room-service everyday, I am extremely grateful for this ‘normal’ day.

So, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!


Riding in Cars with Boys

So he’s driving me home in his Dodge Charger after lunch, and I’m asking alllll sorts of questions about it. He says ” You wanna drive it?” and I look at him with googly eyes and say YES!!

“Why didn’t you just ask?” “Cos the men I know don’t let girls drive their cars!” He shakes his head, laughs and parks by the side to let me take the wheel.

I need more friends like this!