To Do or Not To Do!

I shouldn’t be blogging, I reallllly shouldn’t.

Procrastination. That’s what it is. I’m doing everything that I can possibly do to avoid doing what I should be doing – work. Cos I am siiiiiiick of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my job and enjoy my work, and think I’m quite lucky to be doing something I enjoy that also pays decently enough to let me afford a couple of travels (my true passion) a year. But, the past couple of weeks have been so hectic that I’ve had no time for anything! I’ve had back-to-back meetings, inside the country as well as out. I landed in Qatar last week only to be met at the airport by my client who whisked me off to meetings, with me dragging my little overnight trolley and laptop bag from one place to another. After two days of this, I got back to Dxb and drove to Abu Dhabi (200 kms away) for more such work.

Traveling and meetings also come with the unfortunate side-effect of unhealthy eating. Meetings are fueled with coffee and meals that are sure to add unnecessary inches to my waistline, not to mention hotel food! I try to eat healthy, I really do! I even bought a friggin apple at Costa the other day! But it’s not always possible, especially when your client takes you to an Indian restaurant and orders two different types of biryanis and platters of mixed kebabs during lunch to ensure you’re dull-witted and useless afterwards to grill them too much about work!

My weekends have been busy too. On Thursday night (after the Qatar trip and Abu Dhabi), my friend pinged me on the BB, asking me when I would leave to go swimming, cos she needed a ride. I told her we can leave in half an hour, cos right now, I was just sitting. She laughed, imagining me just sitting like a statue in one spot. But after that whirlwind week, I needed just that. So of course, I don’t do any chores! No cooking, no cleaning! So my house is a mess, all my chores are neglected except for laundry (cos I need to look presentable to the world even though my house looks like a pigsty!) and I’ve just kinda been living my way around the mess, ignoring everything as much as possible.

Anyway, this has been my life for the past two weeks, and I have another trip to Oman lined up for tomorrow. But enough is enough!

Enough of days spent running around like Bugs Bunny on speed and lying comatose on the couch for hours afterwards cos I’m too tired to do anything.

I made myself a list this morning, of things to be done. Mundane stuff really.. like renew the lease on my apartment, pay bills, finally get that pedicure, call for a maid (my house looks like a war zone, and I cannot deal with it by myself! I need professional help!). Stuff that needs to be done, but gets pushed away cos of work. 
I hope… no, I will get through the list today! I need to! So please wish me luck! And now, let me get back to work! 
Hey! that rhymes! :P

8 thoughts on “To Do or Not To Do!

  1. hAAthi says:

    Story.Of.My.Life..well at least as far as last week goes. This sounds dangerously similar to what happened to me all of last week. Till I hit saturation on friday and was ready to keel over and die. But I have noticed that when things are a mess as far as my routine is concerned, I cannot focus on work. And then the home spiral goes out of control too. Its like the mess in my routine reflects in my work and on my home. I dont feel like doing anything till I get the time to reboot. Which I invariably do on the weekend..

  2. K says:

    So, does this much work make you a busybody? ;-)

    I was talking to this super busy friend just a little while ago and he said he feels so groggy every morning that he can barely open his eyes. It’s work, I know, but I’m not sure it’s worth it to mess around with your health. You better take care.

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