The White Rabbit and I

Okay, I had a whole post written out about how busy I was and how I didn’t have time for anything anymore… but it got deleted somehow and now I’m left with a blank screen that I don’t have the time to fill up again!


So anyway…. I’ve no time… so I’ve stopped blogging, among other things (like doing the laundry and cleaning the house, which, I’m sure you would agree, trumps blogging! :P).

I’ve no time to sit down and eat a proper meal, so I eat a lot of sandwiches and wraps in my car, while driving from one meeting to the other (that reminds me… I need to clean my car as well!).

Anyway… for anyone who is in a similar situation and for those days when making breakfast seems like a Herculean task… here’s a ridiculously simple way to continue eating healthy – Make A Smoothie!

sugar and spice and everything nice!

Throw some fruits into the blender… add some sugar… pause for a second to look at how pretty the sugar and fruit look together…  take a picture on your useless cellphone camera cos you don’t have time to get your real camera… add some ice and milk… let the blender do the rest while you put on your shoes.

breakfast for the Fast and the Furious! ;)

It tastes lovely and it’s collllld, so you have to drink it slowly, which is great, cos it gives you some time to think and take a little breather before you get out and face the world and pretend to be a grown up and hope no one notices (there are others who feel that way right? Don’t tell me it’s just me!).

Do we have time for a sigh? I think we do!


Okay… that’s all we have time for today folks (if there are any “folks” left who still read this blog!)…





8 thoughts on “The White Rabbit and I

  1. hAAthi says:

    Story of my life. Morning are hell where I come from and its reached a point where I cant wait to get to my office desk because then at least I know I will be sitting in one place and not running around like a monkey on steroids..argh.

    • Sanjana says:

      My job is managing a certain set of companies… and they’re spread across a few countries. And I can’t manage them remotely can I? So while I do have a desk…. I hardly ever get to see it!

      • hAAthi says:

        Yeah youre definitely on the move a lot more than I am. Suddenly i love my job..small mercies :)

        But hey, hows the new job going? Feeling settled in?

        • Sanjana says:

          the new job is super exciting and I’m part of a lot of really exciting projects! :D Met with the UN the other day, which I was suuuper excited about!

          But it’s stressful too, a lotttt of things ride on the decisions I make now… so I’m just hoping I make the right moves and no one screams “off with her headdd!” :)

  2. Bikramjit Singh Mann says:

    :) you know i got a email saying there is a post by you , with the first picture but when i went it was not there ..

    and again I have a email saying you have a post ..

    breakfast is always a problem for me tooo, its always rush rush rush so I do the easiest thing.. milk-ice-coffee-sugar … blenddddddddd and voila a good drink in morning and a bit of healthy too :)

  3. nmaha says:

    Sounds like you’re happy busy which is the best place to be :-) Good for you.

    Yogurt, berry, banana smoothies with linseed are my dinner of choice. Sometimes I sneak a bit of peanut butter into the smoothie as well! Delicious :-)

    Talk about no time to write, I’ve forgotten I have a blog!

    • Sanjana says:

      yes i am quite happy with work! :) *fingers crossed*
      And yeah… if I had a schedule like your’s, I’d not even have attempted blogging, so the fact that you’re still blogging every few weeks is itself a massive feat according to me!

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