Comfort Zone

I’ve been at my current job for almost 6 years now, and I’d gotten into this rut where nothing was really happening career-wise, but I realized that I’m comfortable with the job. I have very good friends at work, the timings are pretty flexible, my clients trust me and I know what I’m doing.

But, nothing is really challenging anymore. Very few projects excite me. Plus, my company pays peanuts, much lower than the industry std, which really, is the main beef I have about my job. But I was comfortable, living from day to day with no major change, but happy anyway, at least in the past one year (I had my ups and downs before that).

I knew I needed to get out of this rut I’d gotten myself into. So my new year’s resolution was to get another job.

And… I have! :)

I gave in my papers on the 1st of Feb, and have been on the most chilled out notice period ever! The honeymoon period of the job is NOW for me, at the end! :D

I spend my days chatting with colleagues more often than responding to mails, knowing that this is time is limited. (It’s cool, cos I’ve informed my clients that I’m leaving and so we’re not working on any new projects, so the workload has reduced). Breakfasts and lunches together with my colleagues mean so much more to me now. In fact, I actually enjoyed those better than the formal farewell that was thrown for me by my bosses (though of course, I appreciate the sentiment behind it and was glad they did give me one!)

If everything goes well and I get my passport back from my new company (they’re processing my visa and it’s taking so lonnnng!) I leave for a short trip to India on Wednesday before I join the new place.

The new job involves a LOT more travel than my current job, and I know that it’s going to be much more high-pressure environment and not exactly as friendly a place as my current job. But I’m excited about it, and not really nervous yet (maybe that’ll kick in later?) and am raring to go!  I hope the new job is as good for my career as the last one and hope that it all goes well.

Wish me luck! I know I’m going to need it!

What Money Can Buy

I found this picture doing the rounds on Facebook the other day with the caption “Only in Dubai” on it. I was amused by it  and shared it on my wall.

Hello Kitty!

While a few “liked” it, it was the people who lived outside the UAE that found the photo shocking and commented most on it.

I guess life in Dubai is very different from life elsewhere, and while not all of us may be as rich as the sheikhs who spend thousands of dollars on an architect to simply build a cage for a tiger (or even keep a tiger as a pet!), because of the lifestyle of the rich that we see around us, our threshold for the  fantastic has risen to such an extent that very little will shock us anymore.

Yes, you will find pet shops here selling snakes. (I’ve a picture of a python around my neck somewhere on FB). According to the law, potential owners of exotic and dangerous animals such as lions and tigers need to obtain a permit, and the Ministry will monitor how well the animals are taken care of.  But a lot of it is illegal (but that is a topic for a different post altogether).

This is the one place in the world you should be wary of  asking ” what can money buy?” cos they will show you exactly what, and it will drive you crazy! :D

In 2008, while the property prices were still sky-rocketing, there was fierce competition amongst the various real-estate companies to secure the most buyers. So this one company, offered a jaguar (at this point I feel the need to clarify that they offered the car, not the animal :P ) to everyone who bought an apartment from that company!

Recently there was a twitpic that had gone viral, of somebody’s clubbing bill at the Cavalli club. Whoever it was spent close to 400k AED for one night of clubbing. Not to be outdone by Dubai, someone in the capital, Abu Dhabi, spent a 110k more than the guy at Cavalli club just the weekend after. *grin*

Yes, this is what this place is like.

You will find people spending more on their car’s license plate than they would have on the car. And while the rest of us try to hide our speeding fines, we read articles in the paper about people who walk into the Traffic dept with a 42k fine for speeding (the report stated that he didn’t have to pay that much cos they gave him a discount… for bringing cash!).

There is a lot more to the country than this, of course. But you can’t deny that this kinda blatant bling-iness exists here.

woe is me!



If you visit me, while I might take you out to a bubbly brunch (they are amaaaazing btw!  And I don’t think that’s restricted to UAE. It shouldn’t be!) and show you the only 7 star hotel in the world (self-proclaimed :P) or the tallest building and the biggest mall, or zip you off to check out the vending machine where you can buy gold, don’t be fooled into thinking that this is how we live all the time!

Well, maybe this guy does. But not all of us! :P


Sometimes, Love is Enough

I was walking down the street with him and talking about how I’d lived in Delhi so long, but I’d still not taken the time out to go to Agra and see the Taj Mahal.

“Let’s go now!” he said.

I stopped walking and looked at him. Yes, the crazy eyes told me that he was bloody serious! And I guess the madness was infectious cos I grinned back and said ” Okay! Let’s go!” I ran back home and packed a toothbrush and a change of clothes into my gym bag and rushed out. He was waiting outside for me with a backpack.

We had to take the bus (it was 11am and we were too late for the morning train). But that was okay. We stopped to eat at questionable dhabas. But it was okay. I had to pee in terrible loos on the way there. But it was okay! We stayed at a hotel that wasn’t exactly going to win awards on TimeOut, but that was okay too!

The Taj Mahal is one of the most marketed things about India and I’d seen a million pictures and tacky little marble replicas of it before I saw it in real life, as I’m sure you have as well. But when you do see it, it still manages to take your breath away.

When you see it looming in front of you, peaceful and calm, everything around you goes quiet. You begin to have an inkling of how much love this man had for his wife. I still find it amazing that a man capable of so much love was also capable of so much cruelty that he cut off the hands of the workers who built the monument. I guess they didn’t have the concept of copyrights at the time huh!

It was a cloudy, gray sorta day, the kind that I love, and we walked around holding hands, taking in everything- the intricate work on the walls, the Yamuna glistening behind the Taj… everything was beautiful.. everything was perfect.

For me, that trip is one of the best trips ever. Sure, we didn’t stay at fancy hotels or get spa treatments. But we were full of joy and good spirit, and the sense of adventure trumped any slight discomfort that comes with making plans on the fly.

And of course, we had Love! And when you’re that young, that’s pretty much all you need!

Mid-week Holiday!

Took the day off today! I had a lovely, long lunch with an old school-friend, and then got me a cup of coffee and relaxed on the park-bench outside my apartment building with an awesome book (which I’m re-reading, but is still a joy to read as it was the first time!)

simple pleasures!

And yes, that is a whistle you see on my keychain! :P

Happy Tuesday!