Fancy Kitchen!

You know how you see and hear about people cooking while drinking a glass of wine? I thought I could pull that off last night. Except it wasn’t the elegant affair I had envisioned in my head.


For one thing, I wasn’t making something fancy like coq au vin or anything.  I was making bhindi fry (fried okra, Indian style)!  Which would have been fine, except, after a couple of glasses of wine, my co-ordination and judgement got a bit wonky! (you should know I have a very low tolerance for alcohol. One glass of red is usually enough to get me buzzing!)

Anyway… this is what happened.

You know how you clean veggies and then chop them right? Well, after drinking my glass of red, I decided to be a bit more conscientious and cleaner person and wash the bhindi before and after chopping them up! For those of you who don’t know any better… there’s this thing about bhindi- it’s gotta be dry! After washing, I usually (usually!) leave it in a colander so the water runs out and then stick it into the freezer for a few minutes so that the remaining water dries off.

But last night, in my wine-induced haze, I decided that the gooey-ness would be reduced if I soak it in water!  (I can see at least one person out there (hi TWC!) shaking their head at me and going tch tch tch!

So I ended up with a gooey mess of the damn thing, which I had to try and wring out before I put it on the wok to fry. And then, to steady myself for the rest of the process, I took a couple more swigs of wine and proceeded to take out some coriander seeds to crush. Like I said… hand-eye coordination went to hell!


The end result was something that looked more than baingan ka bharta  than bhindi fry! When I tasted it last night, I thought it tasted fine, though it felt and looked weird. But I’ve brought it to lunch today, and I’m worried that it won’t taste as good without the wine to help me numb my keener senses!

Maybe I’ll just order a meatball sub eh?

14 thoughts on “Fancy Kitchen!

    • Sanjana says:

      I knowww! It was quite gooey last night, but it was better this afternoon. I had it with curd rice, and it was actually quite good! In fact, my colleague ate it up and loved it (though it was more crushed than the normal bhindi fry), so I’m happy! :D

  1. Bikram says:

    yeah the SUB looks the best option expecially after all that wine :)

    this reminds me in our ncc camp we were served with watery Bhindi.. it was curfew outside so to make more for all the cadets they put lots and lots of water in the Bhindi … but like you we were too high to notice it he he he

    • Sanjana says:

      arey noo! I meant have a sub for lunch! But it was fine…I ended up buying curd rice instead the bhindi was tasting pretty good in spite of everything! :D

  2. Sig says:

    Hahahaha….man that’s funny. Can’t say I’ve ever reduced bhindi to a pulp before bu yes hand-eye coordination and DEPTH perception fail me regularly :P

    • Sanjana says:

      oh i don’t know if i wanna do that! I’ll just stick to wine and cheese next time round :P

      And welcome! Please get your glass of wine and make yourself comfortable! ;)

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