Desperately Seeking a Silver Lining!

So you know about how I’m car-less now right?

Okay… so the insurance company gave me a replacement vehicle to use for while my car was recuperating – a zippy little hatchback tiida.

Two days ago, I was driving out of a crowded parking lot (what is with me and parking lots?!) when this dude in a land cruiser  backed into my car.

Yup! There I was… in another accident! I couldn’t believe my luck! I mean… I’d just gotten this car!

I was so angry that I started crying! I just sat in the car and bawled like a baby till the cops came! I then morosely explained to the cops what happened (it was the other guy’s fault obviously, so he’ll have to pay for repairs) and just waited for them to write up the report and give me my green paper ( I get a red one if it’s my fault).

I was an hour late for a meeting, but didn’t want to cancel. I hadn’t had lunch, and was famished after my sobbing episode. So on the way, I stopped by Starbucks and wolfed down a four-cheese melt with roasted tomatoes and a toffee-nut latte. I think I ODed on the cheese thing… felt a little sick afterwards… but that didn’t stop me from eating a bar of kit-kat later that evening and dining at Ping Pong with the gang!)

Okay… I think we’ve established from the above paragraph that I’m a stress-eater! :P

Anyway… I’ve been feeling a bit wary about this year, which is no surprise, considering all that has happened (a lot of which has not been mentioned here!) and I’m trying  to come to terms with the fact that this is just the beginning!

Earlier today, I read a line somewhere about how people who pray are fundamentally optimistic, and hence, happier people. I can’t remember exactly when, but I’ve stopped praying for a while now. I’m not sure if that means I’m any less optimistic ( not sure how optimistic I was to start with!) but I think it makes sense to leave things with a higher power. If I can’t control it, I’ll leave it to the Big Guy to deal with! So, less things for me to worry about… and my shoulders will eventually thank me for relieving them of the unnecessary burden. At least, that’s what I took back from the article.

And it makes more sense than the traditional methods of prayer I’ve seen many people do where they’re like ” God, I will pray to you for an hour everyday and offer the temple/church/mosque half my salary/an arm and a leg/my kidney etc if you do this for me”.

There are no conditions with prayer! There are no bribes or threats! You pray for yourself! For your relief. For strength to get you through the crap that the Good One has decided to dump on you for whatever reasons. In the hope that someday you will be able to look back, connect the dots, smile and say ” Duuuuude! You da Man!” :P

Let’s see how this works shall we?!

The title for this post was inspired by this book


12 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking a Silver Lining!

  1. hAAthi says:

    Jeez that does sound awful. But honestly, I think its just a patch of bad luck, and not an indication of things to come. Really.. Don’t worry. I think overthinking these things also contributes to stress, so just let it go. Sh*t happens! This too shall pass..And until then you have the 4-cheese melts to fall back on :P

    • Sanjana says:

      you’ve only heard the tail-end of the sordid story! But yeah… I’m okay.. and I know I *will be* okay too.
      But I wanna be more than okay! I’ve been just “getting by” since 2009. I’m due for an upgrade you know! :)

      *fingers crossed*

  2. Bikram says:

    ohhh thats bad.. You know I bought a bike and as i was coming out of the showroom I had a accident ..

    dont worry its just one of those things .. Take care of urself..
    and this will soon be over …

  3. The Wild Child says:

    False starts, that’s all. Not trying to minimize or discount what you’ve just gone through, but think of them as a bunch of false starts not too spread out.

    Also, GET YOUR BACK CHECKED!!! Even if you feel no pain/whiplash NOW.

    • Sanjana says:

      i’m trying… but these things keep happening! my phone display stopped working, and so i went and bought a new BB yesterday, and today, IT’S NOT WORKING!

      What is happening to meeee?!

      • The Wild Child says:

        Uff what a pain!! :(

        *deep breaths*

        They should agree to replace it naa? Since it’s only been a day. I know it’s a pain to have to go back to them though. Still, this is a fixable problem (I hope). Small mercies.

        Try not to connect the dots here. There IS no connection. I know I’d be overwhelmed too, with all the crap coming at you these days….what is the universe up to, really?!

        Focus on the truly important stuff…..get your back checked. And know that this too shall pass. You da woman!

  4. nmaha says:

    Ah! was just going to empathize with you, however, reading the comments I think you are in a better place. I stress eat too and it’s responsible for the baby-like extra weight that I carry around currently.

    Think of it this way, things are slowly getting better right, so maybe the transition from a bad year to a good year is gradual :-) (Btw, I am having a horrid beginning to the year as well :-( but we persevere.)

    Let me know if you need to talk anytime :-)

    • Sanjana says:

      Nini, things are not “slowly” getting better.
      “Better” has just come and slapped me in the face! :D

      Will tell in soon enough hopefully!

      And I don’t know what you’re worrying about.. you look like a school-girl! I’m sure if you went to IHS in uniform, you could pass off as a student! no jokes!

      And hello…. you’re schedule is crazy busy! How are we to talk?! :)

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