It’s a Car Story

My first car was a second-hand ’98 Rav4 that was an American export, so the AC never worked as well as the Middle East spec cars did. Also, it didn’t tune into all the stations cos some of the frequencies were not allowed in the US.

He was my baby and took me through the initial years of minor accidents that most first-time drivers go through. I named him Joe Black (cos he was an average American export- Joe, and black! :P) and whenever I introduced him to my friends I’d say “Meet Joe Black!” (get it? Okay… I know it’s cheesy!)

Then one day, I was driving home from work and at a roundabout, looking left to see if the road was clear, which it was. But I failed to look in front and wound up rear-ending a BUS! *sigh*

Things went downhill from there. Joe was patched up, but never fully recovered. It didn’t help that by then my mom had also gotten her license and celebrated by having Joe kiss the bumper of a BMW with a 3 digit license plate (VIP) and have her license revoked on her very first ride!

My mother, while awesome in a lot of ways, is a terrible driver, and her confidence was shaken from the very first drive. She used to shiver and shake every time she had to drive and used to sweat buckets at the prospect of parallel parking. She had so many accidents that Joe spent most of his time in and out of garages. The icing on the sorry cake was that one time she took the car out of the garage after repair and ended up having an accident on the ride home!

When my mum wasn’t rear-ending Joe on parked cars or building corners, I was driving it at 140 kmph, with Joe wheezing and shuddering in protest. Once, I drove my boss home and he literally held on to the safety handle throughout the ride, and at the end of it he told me ” Sanjana, I think it’s time you bought a new car”.

I ended up selling Joe to a scraps guy (no one else would buy it!) and then rode a rent-a-car for over a year before finally buying my current car- a SWB Pajero. She’s a girl, this one. I named her Red. Red Pepper. She ran like a dream. No smoky coughs from the exhaust, no shuddering, no problems at all. Uncomplaining , ever smiling, always ready for adventure… until today!

It’s my fault really. I’ve been ingoring the std  service-every-5000kms mantra for a while now. I’d also had a minor fender bender a few weeks ago…. while I was driving at just 20kmph… in a parking lot! (how embarrassing no?!)

The car seemed okay then, but today, it took me quite a while to get it started, and then when I drove it to the nearest service station at ENOC, I found out that the accident had jammed the hood so it wouldn’t pop open, so I couldn’t even find out what’s wrong!

I got her towed to the Mitsubishi guys today, and apparently I won’t see her again for at least a week. :(

Towed away

This is the first picture I’ve taken of the car since I got it! It’s a cellphone pic, taken right before it was being towed away.  I actually stopped the tow truck guy from driving away and made him wait a minute so I could take the pic.  He was very amused, but what does he know! *sniff*

Hoping Red’s back soon, and hoping the repairs won’t put a major dent in my already stretched wallet!

Stranded-ly Yours,



11 thoughts on “It’s a Car Story

  1. Bikram says:

    hmm that looks like a lovely car. but its a JEEP not a car :) I love the mitusbishi’s , I own one and it has never let me down ever ..

    well i hope so tooo that its not a major dent on ur wallet ..

    • Sanjana says:

      but the Jeep is a brand! If I told people here I drove a Jeep, they’d ask me if it was a Wrangler or a Cherokee. And they’d think i’m an off-road nut. :)

  2. The Wild Child says:

    I’m sorry, but the part about your mom’s driving is making me laugh out loud!! My mom doesn’t drive, but my brother tells me similar tales from when he was trying to teach her how to.

  3. Sig says:

    Awww I know the feeling. I love my car even though it’s bloody huge! I miss my little Holden Barina attimes when I could zip in and out of traffic lol.

    And the week we had to take my curren car for repairs was the longest in my life!

    • Sanjana says:

      the replacement car i got was a hatchback tiida! it’s cute, but it took me a while to get used to such a light car!

      it’s all good though, so long as Red makes it back okay! *fingers crossed*

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