Be nice, 2012!

I spent NYE at the Coldplay concert with my friends.

Para...Para... Paradise!

When they played Yellow!

Coldplay was awesome, I was crying when they played Fix You.  But they only played for like an hour and 20 mins and the concert ended very abruptly right after the countdown to midnight.

The organizers also didn’t put any thought into how people would go home afterwards, so we had no buses or taxis to go back home and ended up walking  to the nearest Rotana (about 3 kms away, which is no mean task when you’re tired and cold and have a hyperactive almost 2 yr old in tow), and planted our butts there till they provided us with transportation to the other Rotana (where we were staying).

It’s pretty outrageous to expect one chain of a hotel to help us out cos we were staying at another of their chains, but we were desperate and didn’t know what else to do! This wasn’t our city, and there was no public transportation available! After waiting for a while, they thankfully provided us with their hotel car (at a price obviously, and we gladly paid!) to take us to our hotel at Yas Island.

On the plus side though, I did come across a few photo-worthy scenes on my trek back to the hotel.

fireworks display at the concert

giant balloon on a car

I wanted to hitch a ride on this one, but couldn't find the owner! ;P

Maybe it belonged to the horse? (ok lame joke, I know)

All in all, I guess it was an interesting end to a year that was mostly disappointing. So good riddance to 2011, hello 2012!

2012, you need to be better than 2011. Let’s work together and make some good things happen alright?

Okay then! :)


8 thoughts on “Be nice, 2012!

  1. Sig says:

    OMG So jealous!! Was just saying to Evs the other day how awesome it would be to go to a Coldplay concert and you did on NYE!!!!

    Hope that 2012 is indeed like paradise for you :D

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