So here I am… just waiting!

Wow! Where has the time gone?! I can’t believe it’s almost 2012 already! I still remember my first NYE party with the gang on NYE of 2008! That was one kick-ass party and that feels like it just happened a week ago!

And yet, here we are again, at the cusp of a new beginning, and waiting. I’m looking forward to the new year, hoping for good things to happen- for the fog to be lifted, for a path to appear, for the dots to be connected! It’s been a confusing year, and I’m glad that at least I still have hope!

Year-ends are usually pretty hectic for me. We’re always in a feverish rush to get our plans sorted out. We decide on the party, get  a theme going, run around looking for costumes, arrange the venue and the drinks and the DJ and the music and run around putting it all in place till the  party begins. Then we party like crazy till early into the morning. (everyone invites all their friends and we usually have about 150 people or so partying the night away at the rooftop of some hotel or the other).

This year, we decided to do things a bit differently. We’re going for the Coldplay concert in Abu Dhabi. We decided this sometime in November, before the tickets were even available for sale! We booked the tickets the second it became available, and then, since the concert is in Abu Dhabi (200 kms from home) we booked rooms at the Yas Island Rotana to stay the night after the concert, so we don’t have to worry about designated drivers and what not.  So now… we’re sitting around twiddling our thumbs and just waiting! *grin*

I’m not used to having so much time! I’m not used to not working against a deadline.  It’s good, I suppose! But a bit disconcerting not having anything to do.

2012 looks promising, with tentative plans for a vacation already being planned (for June!). I’m so excited about it that it’s taking everything in me to stop myself from shouting out to the world where I’m going and what I’m going to do. But till everything’s finalized, I’m gonna keep it under wraps, lest I jinx it somehow (yes, I’m superstitious that way! :P)

I usually make a few resolutions that I want to work on and get done through the year, and the main ones for this year was to change careers and to shift houses.

While I did move to a new place, I’m still stuck with the old job. So it’s 50-50 success rate I guess. Not too bad, considering everything that has happened!

For 2012, my main resolution is to get a new job (not necessarily career-change, but I want to shift jobs, even if it’s within the same industry).

The other one is inspired by this blog post.

I deserve more, I do. And I’m gonna ask for it. And I’m not gonna be all vague about it and ask just the Universe for stuff. No. I’m gonna be more ballsy and ask people for more. I’ve been scared for way too long and I’m not gonna let that stop me anymore! At least, that’s the hope! Obviously, easier said than done isn’t it? but I will try!

Here’s to hope! 


Viva la vida!

I’ve been super-busy for a while now… a lot of work, a few mini-trips within the UAE, people visiting… it’s all been good! :)

The weekend-getaway to the Le Meridian Al Aqah was the most blissful 48 hours of this year!

We went snorkeling…

Snorkeling at Snoopy Island

After that we were fooling around in the pool for hours (yes, that is a baby in the picture with us, second from the left.)

Innnnn the pool! :D

We got so tanned that by the end of the weekend, we all looked like we’d gotten spray-on tans! This road-trip to Fujairah was about a month ago, but the memories of it still bring a blissful smile to my lips!

On another happy note… my sis has come to visit, which is a lot of fun, though it feels strange to have to share my space with someone else.  But good strange! (Even though she finishes all the hot water :P )

Also, the UAE turned 40 this year, and the country had 40 days of celebrations leading up to the 2nd of Dec, which was mostly ignored by me cos I was busy with a bunch of other things and didn’t even realize the decorations were put up on the streets way before the National Day! On the final day though, it was a bit impossible to not join in the revelry!

We were on Jumeirah Beach Road, and promptly got stuck in the most fun traffic jam ever!  People pimped up their cars with the colours of the flag and pictures of the royal family,  and sprayed all the cars on the road with party string and foam.

National Day celebrations on Jumeirah Beach Road

Guy writing UAE on my car with foam

They completely foamed my car and lifted my wipers so I couldn't drive anymore!

I can’t believe that my relationship with the country has extended for so long! I came here as a toddler in 1984 and have grown up with the country. I’ve seen what it was and what it is now… and am flabbergasted in spite of having lived through most of the changes!

There is a lot of good in this country, and bad too of course, but I’m in the mood to count my blessings.The UAE has given me a lot of opportunities and I have lived a pretty good life here so far. It’s safe, secure and organized, the std of living is pretty darn good and cos Dubai is such a hub, I’ve been able to visit so many other countries with minimum difficulty in getting visas and things done quickly, which is excellent!

So live on Dubai… grow taller everyday!

Evening sky