Time flies like an F1 car!

Okay so the Eid hols have ended and we’re back at work (where I should be working I know! :P).

As the Salalah plan went bust, and cos we weren’t able to get bookings at a decent rate anywhere else so late in the game, we went camping instead. To Dibba. It was a far cry from chilling at the Hilton and sipping on wine, but it was fun anyway.

Well…mostly fun. I did end up getting bitten by something that made my arm swell up like a balloon, which was pretty awful. Plus, I’m not much for peeing out in the open, especially when there are crazy campers nearby driving around with quad bikes, threatening to turn your way at any moment (make your own deer-caught-peeing-in-headlights- jokes here), so that was a bit bugging. Also,  we were late in reaching our campsite, so we had to pitch tents using the light of our car (and by we, I mean the guys :P).

After we’d downed a few vodka-cranberries and got the bonfire going, it was pretty chilled out.  I remember one guy got so wasted that he took food from a plate, bit into it and asked ” hey! Why is this kebab round?” And then someone else turned to him and said ” err… cos that’s a burger!”  In my “high-spirited” state, I found that hilarious! Oh, who am I kidding, I still find it hilarious! One of the guys had a guitar with him and kept strumming on it off and on, which was lovely!

I’d forgotten my sleeping bag and all I had with me for cover was a fleece blanket, and that got my allergies going, so I spent a not-so-comfortable night on the hard ground with a stuffy nose. We woke up the next day feeling all grimy and icky and all we wanted to do was get home and have a hot shower!  And boy! When I finally got home and had that shower… bliss!

I think this is mainly why I should go camping more often… so I appreciate the things in life that I would otherwise take for granted!

Anyway… I do have something exciting coming up for this weekend! I’m gonna marshal at the F1 Grand Prix again this year (I was a marshal last year as well), and just getting my mail from the Marshals Club and reading through all the instructions and everything’s getting my heart racing again! It is a different world, that one.. and such a glamorous one at that! I was supposed to go to the Delhi one as well, but unfortunately, with all my bad decision making, I decided to give that one a miss and go to Goa instead. And then Goa went bust! *sigh*

Anyway… at least I’m going to the UAE F1! So all psyched about that! I’m an intervention marshal. Which means that if there’s an accident, or oil spill or any sort of incident near where I am, I (and the rest of the team) need to get it fixed! Hope something interesting happens at my post(not deadly dangerous, just interesting!).

Either ways… you’ll hear about it here! :D







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