Woefully Yours!

All my plans for the month are just falling apart!

My Goa plans are indefinitely postponed due to several people having their leave applications rejected and other such issues.

I was supposed to go to Salalah, road-trip and all that, today evening. But due to cyclone Keila hitting Salalah, that too has been cancelled. I’ve heard that the roads are closed off and no one is being let through to Oman cos the weather is really bad and going round the mountains  may involve our vehicle flying off with Keila and smashing into the rocks at the bottom, which is something I’m willing to risk, but apparently the Omani govt is not. I thank them for their concern and shake my fist at the Universe that seems to be intent on screwing with my happiness. But obviously, it’s pointless. The Universe doesn’t care two hoots about my fist. I should probably pick on someone my own size eh?

So anyway… I’m stuck here for the next 5 days, holidays filled with nothing to do. It sucks more for me cos I’m single you know! Single people need to always have something to do. Or maybe it’s just me… I dunno… is it?

I was so looking forward to November to get here already! And now that it’s finally arrived, it’s such a let-down that I’m looking warily at it and wondering what else can go wrong this year!

I had such a fantastic October that it simply zippppped past me, in a whirlwind of lights, colours and delectable eats! Diwali and Halloween were both celebrated in full-josh and even though I kinda passed out from exhaustion and too much wine during my halloween party (the lesson to take away from that is to stay away from alcohol when hosting parties, or sleep properly the week before), I was told that a good time was had by all.


i had these all over my house, with dry ice in it, so had the smoke coming out. :D

jack-o-lantern for halloween party

I’ve had a good time so far… so I guess some bad times were due huh?

I guess I’ll forgive November for being such a spoil-sport, and hope for the best anyway… after all, I do have 5 days off work don’t I? And I do have my friends around don’t I? Good friends and time to spend with them… that’s usually enough isn’t it? :)

9 thoughts on “Woefully Yours!

  1. The Wild Child says:

    Maybe November wants you to take a break from the whirlwind activity and find pleasure in homebody activities like doing up your home, sleeping in every day, reading books, watching movies while you crack open peanuts, taking long baths, cooking something new for yourself, reorganizing your closet and doing all those things you say you’ll do when you have the time. Okay, now that I’ve typed it out, *I* want to do all that!!! The last few months have zipped past me too,and I could so do with a month that doesn’t.

    Think about it, another month of all that activity would have burnt you out. Maybe the universe is giving you what you really need, as opposed to what you *think* you want. And please go easy on November…..it’s my favorite month! :)

    • Sanjana says:

      I’m ALWAYS BEing! (No jokes)
      Even through all this whirlwind of activity, I’ve had time (without even trying!) to just wander about my new neighbourhood listening to the chirping of the birds and just sitting at home re-reading all my Agatha Christies (I don’t know why, but I’m not touching any of my new books!) and there was this one day where I did NOTHING but eat and sleep. I need days like that as much as the other person, but I haaaaave those! And I guess I put it wrongly when I wrote ‘single people need to keep doing stuff’.
      I meant ME. I need to keep traveling. And it’s not out of some pressure to show the world that I’m single and I’m ok. Nor is it to look for The One (laughable, the idea of The One).
      I guess I’m just restless cos of a lot of things (tell u on chat or something) and I was really looking forward to going on this road trip. It would have been the group’s first trip together this year.
      Oh well.
      And I love November too, so don’t worry! :)

  2. The Wild Child says:

    Came back to add that a couple of months ago, I too used to think that single people had to always have something to DO. Otherwise we’d be not just single but single and alone. Oh the horror! THE HORROR! Worse still, single and LONELY. Every minute of our lives had to be spent trying to prove to the world that EVEN THOUGH we were single, there were plenty of other people in our lives to make up for the absence of a significant other.

    Not any more. Single people are as entitled to just BE as anyone else. If anyone tells you otherwise, send them my way. Single people can also enjoy lazy Sundays spent at home, soaking in the winter sun on their terrace/balcony. It’s this whole expectation thing that bothers me: married people need to keep house, single people need to party and get drunk, people with kids need to spend all their vacations in Disneyland, single women need to arrange their entire social life around looking for The One…..you get the gist. Another week or two and I’ll be hit with the whole PR campaign called you-need-someone-for-omgtheHOLIDAYS!

    AS IF.

    As if the purpose of my life is to provide business to Hallmark/DeBeers.

    • Sanjana says:

      People in relationships get lonely too sometimes. I have this one friend whose husband is constantly traveling. He’s barely around!
      And I don’t get too worked up about being alone for the holidays or being single for Valentine’s Day. It’s difficult for people who are on the other side (the side that cares abt the day) to understand, but Valentine’s Day is for couples, and I don’t feel the pressure to suddenly be a couple for a day just to fit in or whatever. I think that’s silly.
      Ditto with the holiday season. I’m not under pressure on any other time of year to prove that people love me, why should the holidays be any different?
      No babe… This salalah thing is much more simpler. I was looking forward to it, and it didn’t happen. That was super disappointing.
      And Goa too.
      And now I’m worried about December. HAVE YOU BOOKED YOUR TICKETS WOMAN?!

    • Sanjana says:

      Okay, I just re-read my post, and I see why u thought what u did. Cos I said it sucks more for me cos I’m single. When I was writing that, I was thinking abt how it would be to spend my days with people, waking up and having breakfast together, being part of something like a family… I was looking forward to that.
      Now when I wake up, my mornings are my own na. As opposed to the rest of the group who would still have someone around them.
      That’s what I was thinking when I wrote that.

      • The Wild Child says:

        Oh it wasn’t as much a comment on your post as it was an outpouring of the thoughts in my own head….your post was just the catalyst for that! Actually that’s true of a lot of things I say to you! :D

        What I said about relaxing in Nov? If anyone needs that, it’s me. I’m spending a grand total of TWO days in my apartment during the entire month.

  3. nmaha says:

    I totally understand Sanju and I’m not single. I was craving that Goa break like a former addict. I love travelling and I need time away from being a mother, wife, boss and daughter-in-law. Time when no on is watching me or expecting stuff from me. In fact I wanted to come to Dubai to spend time with the parents for these 5 days, then we could have gone out too, however, the universe thought otherwise. I guess everyone needs a break, single married or mommy :-)
    Good stuff: You have 5 days off! I would almost kill for 5 days off (which I probably won’t get for at least the next 10 years).
    I know I’m rambling on but I have to tell you this. The techie and I never celebrate valentine’s day, not because we have an opinion on it, rather it’s because we forget it. We barely manage to remember to greet each other on b’days and anniversaries. We have spent only 2 anniversaries together since we got married! Since we have poured all our money into the business, we also have a no gift policy. There you have the non-couple couple.What we do celebrate with lots of gusto, gifts, laughter and fun, is anything that concerns V. Her b’day is the highlight of the year :-)
    Hope you’re feeling better now :-)

    • Sanjana says:

      Hey, feel free to ramble on! :)
      Of course, I understand what u’re saying. And of couuuurse everyone needs a vacation. I said it’s worse for me cos I’m single cos I was thinking solely of what I was looking for from the salalah trip I guess.I never meant to stereotype!
      And of course, no-gift policy or not celebrating Valentine’s day is fine, while celebrating it is fine too! Whatever works for u! As long as you’re not doing it out of some social compulsion, u’re fine! That’s what I think!
      It’d have been nice to have u around for a bit! And of course, your schedule is so crazy I have no idea how you do it! I wish Goa had happened! :( Oh well… Que sera sera!

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