Keep on Walking!

Have I told you about the time I went to Spain? About how I stood at the edge of the cliff at Formentor and stared in wonder at the magnificence of the ocean?

The aquamarine of the Mediterranean Sea is something that cannot be explained, it’s brilliance cannot be captured by the photos (though God knows I tried!)

It is breathtakingly beautiful, and a bit frightening. Frightening because it’s so massive  and overwhelming that you feel dwarfed and insignificant standing there, at the edge of the cliff, with the wind whipping around you, threatening to throw you off. You’re suddenly stripped of the facade which has been carefully constructed throughout your life to give you the impression of control.  You realize how small you really are in the universe that is all-powerful, all encompassing… beautiful and terrible at the same time.

I stood there for a long time, not quite knowing how to express what I was feeling, not even quite sure of what exactly it was that I felt. Somehow it was vaguely comforting to know that I was only as important as a grain of sand might be to the beach. I was meant to be what I am, and that’s okay! I almost felt tempted to jump off into the ocean, not because I was suicidal, but cos it was so beautiful and somehow I felt like I wanted to be a part of it.

Well, of course I didn’t jump, or else I wouldn’t be here, writing about it.

And talking practically, I think when I die, I’ll have my ashes thrown into that ocean! My sister can make a trip of it- go to Mallorca, drink some sangria, throw my ashes into the sea… you know! :P  (That’s how *i* talk practically!)

While in Mallorca, I carried my Lonely Planet around the whole time, checking the phrases at the end of the book and trying to recall whatever was taught to me in my Spanish language class! The trouble of course, is that in class you’re taught by someone who speaks slowly and enunciates with a lot of gesticulation, while in real life, you’re hit in the face with  volley of vowels that you can’t make any sense of and you’re left frantically turning the pages of your phrasebook to where you last saw ” please could you repeat that SLOWLY?”, all while your friend is standing next to you skeptically, muttering about you wasting money on lessons that clearly hadn’t come to any use!

It was fun though, trying to speak a different language, embracing a new culture, living like the locals, eating their food, drinking their cava (oh! How I miss cava!).

I loved their joie de vivre, and for the longest time I thought I’d like to go live there! In fact, I still believe I’d like to die there. I feel it’d be a magnificent way to end it!  But there’s so much more of the world to see before that! So for now… just keep on going I guess!

Why’d ya do it Britney?!

Marshalling at the F1 comes with the perk of being able to attend all the concerts happening there for free! In fact, this is what made me get into it in the first place! I didn’t give 2 hoots for the sport then, all I wanted was to attend Linkin Park! Of course, it was also a very exciting thing to do, and I met a lot of interesting people and made a lot of new friends there, which was what made me stay on, in spite of the strenuous and tiring work and the long hours we had to put in standing out in the sun, waiting and ready for any eventuality.

So I went for the Britney concert last night. It kicked off with a video of some dude who was sucking on a red lollipop and talking about how Britney was a “femme fatale”. This unfortunate video was played about 4 times during the entire show, every time Ms Spears wanted to go backstage for whatever reasons!
When she came on for the first time, she started off with “would u hold it against me”. Which, I think was a warning of sorts! “A bad show coming up folks, don’t hold it against me!”
It wasn’t a concert as much as it was a performance, and a bad one at that, cos she was clearly lip-synching! Which I wouldn’t have minded so much if she’d at least danced properly! She was like a bored stripper, making all the moves and pretending to be interested, but fooling no one except the drunks! Like I was telling this bored looking guy who was sipping on his beer, “this is definitely one show you needed to be drunk to enjoy!”

I think what was worst was that everything else was pretty amazing- the stage, the props, the extras who danced beautifully and with so much enthusiasm, everything was excellent! And none of it mattered, cos no one went there to see the acrobatics, everyone was there to see Britney! And she clearly didn’t care.
There was also this bizarre scene where she said “thank you so much and good night abu dhabi” and they turned off the lights and she went away, and a bunch of people left (obviously! Cos no one asked for an encore!) But then, about 3 mins later, the lights were turned on again and they played that over-played video again of the lollipop guy, and she was back on stage with Toxic. She actually *sang* a few songs, and this was one of em. This was one song of hers I realllly loved (there! And I’m not ashamed to admit it! :p) and she managed to ruin that too with her terrible singing.
Last year, I missed Linkin Park and obviously didn’t bother going for Kanye West, so decided to go for Prince cos hello! How could I not go for even one concert?!
I was never a fan of his music and didn’t know most of the songs he sang, but he blew me away! He sang all his songs, played his guitar beautifully, made up a lil jingle kinda thing for abu dhabi (which people kept singing long after the concert was over and we were on our way back), and his love for music clearly shined through! I don’t know where he gets his energy from, but he went on for 2 hours and came back when the crowd screamed for more, and worked the audience beautifully!
I hate to admit it, cos I belong to the same generation as Britney, but I guess they just don’t make em like that anymore!

Stay Unreal!

What I want  to write in my out of office message:

I am not currently in the office, cos I’m at the greatest motor-sports event of the YEAR -The F1 GRAND PRIX!

I’m marshalling, which means I have access to the track and get to see the drivers up close and smell the burning rubber as they drive past me at 400 kmph.

I know I should be answering your mail, but frankly my dears… I don’t give a damn!

I’ll be available on the phone, but I’ll be darned if you can hear me over the sound of the cars zooming past, so don’t bother calling!




What I will be putting up instead:

I  am out of the office on the 13th of Nov, 2011 and will not have access to mails. Please contact for any queries.

I will be reachable on the phone for any urgent requirements.




Sometimes it’s wiser to not speak your mind!

Time flies like an F1 car!

Okay so the Eid hols have ended and we’re back at work (where I should be working I know! :P).

As the Salalah plan went bust, and cos we weren’t able to get bookings at a decent rate anywhere else so late in the game, we went camping instead. To Dibba. It was a far cry from chilling at the Hilton and sipping on wine, but it was fun anyway.

Well…mostly fun. I did end up getting bitten by something that made my arm swell up like a balloon, which was pretty awful. Plus, I’m not much for peeing out in the open, especially when there are crazy campers nearby driving around with quad bikes, threatening to turn your way at any moment (make your own deer-caught-peeing-in-headlights- jokes here), so that was a bit bugging. Also,  we were late in reaching our campsite, so we had to pitch tents using the light of our car (and by we, I mean the guys :P).

After we’d downed a few vodka-cranberries and got the bonfire going, it was pretty chilled out.  I remember one guy got so wasted that he took food from a plate, bit into it and asked ” hey! Why is this kebab round?” And then someone else turned to him and said ” err… cos that’s a burger!”  In my “high-spirited” state, I found that hilarious! Oh, who am I kidding, I still find it hilarious! One of the guys had a guitar with him and kept strumming on it off and on, which was lovely!

I’d forgotten my sleeping bag and all I had with me for cover was a fleece blanket, and that got my allergies going, so I spent a not-so-comfortable night on the hard ground with a stuffy nose. We woke up the next day feeling all grimy and icky and all we wanted to do was get home and have a hot shower!  And boy! When I finally got home and had that shower… bliss!

I think this is mainly why I should go camping more often… so I appreciate the things in life that I would otherwise take for granted!

Anyway… I do have something exciting coming up for this weekend! I’m gonna marshal at the F1 Grand Prix again this year (I was a marshal last year as well), and just getting my mail from the Marshals Club and reading through all the instructions and everything’s getting my heart racing again! It is a different world, that one.. and such a glamorous one at that! I was supposed to go to the Delhi one as well, but unfortunately, with all my bad decision making, I decided to give that one a miss and go to Goa instead. And then Goa went bust! *sigh*

Anyway… at least I’m going to the UAE F1! So all psyched about that! I’m an intervention marshal. Which means that if there’s an accident, or oil spill or any sort of incident near where I am, I (and the rest of the team) need to get it fixed! Hope something interesting happens at my post(not deadly dangerous, just interesting!).

Either ways… you’ll hear about it here! :D






Woefully Yours!

All my plans for the month are just falling apart!

My Goa plans are indefinitely postponed due to several people having their leave applications rejected and other such issues.

I was supposed to go to Salalah, road-trip and all that, today evening. But due to cyclone Keila hitting Salalah, that too has been cancelled. I’ve heard that the roads are closed off and no one is being let through to Oman cos the weather is really bad and going round the mountains  may involve our vehicle flying off with Keila and smashing into the rocks at the bottom, which is something I’m willing to risk, but apparently the Omani govt is not. I thank them for their concern and shake my fist at the Universe that seems to be intent on screwing with my happiness. But obviously, it’s pointless. The Universe doesn’t care two hoots about my fist. I should probably pick on someone my own size eh?

So anyway… I’m stuck here for the next 5 days, holidays filled with nothing to do. It sucks more for me cos I’m single you know! Single people need to always have something to do. Or maybe it’s just me… I dunno… is it?

I was so looking forward to November to get here already! And now that it’s finally arrived, it’s such a let-down that I’m looking warily at it and wondering what else can go wrong this year!

I had such a fantastic October that it simply zippppped past me, in a whirlwind of lights, colours and delectable eats! Diwali and Halloween were both celebrated in full-josh and even though I kinda passed out from exhaustion and too much wine during my halloween party (the lesson to take away from that is to stay away from alcohol when hosting parties, or sleep properly the week before), I was told that a good time was had by all.


i had these all over my house, with dry ice in it, so had the smoke coming out. :D

jack-o-lantern for halloween party

I’ve had a good time so far… so I guess some bad times were due huh?

I guess I’ll forgive November for being such a spoil-sport, and hope for the best anyway… after all, I do have 5 days off work don’t I? And I do have my friends around don’t I? Good friends and time to spend with them… that’s usually enough isn’t it? :)