Foggy mornings


Winter is almost upon us!

I woke up this morning and saw that we were enveloped in a fog that made everything look dreamy and surreal! It’s about 30 deg C now… hardly winter I know! But in Dubai, this fog indicates the beginning of the winter season.

The sun is a little less harsh, the days are shorter and the sunsets somehow more beautiful.  There is that nip in the air in the evenings and also that particular smell that heralds the beginning of the cold season, which is delicious!

I think, if I were to choose a season as my own, it would have to be autumn. I love the colours- red, gold, yellow and that lovely crisp brown! I love the festivals and holidays – Diwali (not the fire-crackers though! I HATE them! It’s too loud!), Eid, Halloween (don’t you just love dressing up in those crazy costumes?!), Thanksgiving.. all of which leads us to Christmas and NewYear’s Eve! What’s not to love!

And I haven’t even touched upon the subject of food! Coffee tastes SO much better when it’s cold outside! Cold fingers cupping a warm cup,  with the steam rising over your nose as you inhale the heady scent. Ahhh! Couple that with a fresh croissant and my evening is made!

I’m also super excited cos I have a trip to Goa with the girls planned out for Nov end! I’ve never been there before and am so looking forward to it! I’m also marshalling at the upcoming F1 races and that’s always exciting!

But what I’m most excited about, is the fact that I have a bunch of people visiting me during this last quarter of the year! One college friend, another very close friend from work who now lives in Canada, and one blog friend, whom I’ll be meeting for the first time in December!

A lot of things to look forward to, and work kinda just keeps getting in the way of things! :P

So what’s on your calender this winter?

Go on! Tell me what you think!

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