Buzzing like a Bee!

I’ve been SO busy and so damn stressed that blogging has taken a back seat (wayyy back… with the spare tyres and stuff).

I finally got an apartment, and I’m in the middle of shifting right now. I also need to get rid of my current apartment (transfer the lease to someone else) before SUNDAY.


Because… on SUNDAY, I go to India. :D

The itinerary?

Dxb- Chennai- Pondicherry- Puttaparthi-Varanasi-Delhi- Dxb.


I’m so excited! I’m stressed about how I’m going to manage all the things I’ve gotta get done before I go, but excited about the trip itself!

My friend is a film-maker, and he’s making a documentary and will need to go to all these places, and I’m tagging along with him, on an all-expenses-paid holiday of sorts where I’ll be helping (interfering) with the film-making process! :D


Before I go, I need to have the new house up and running and the old house transferred to someone else. I’m praying that it all turns out okay by some miracle and I manage to get all the work done. I don’t want to cancel another trip cos of housing issues!

Wish me luck!


Keeping fingers crossed!


One thought on “Buzzing like a Bee!

  1. nmaha says:

    I’m so glad (coz of the apartment), excited (you have to meet me), curious (what is the documentary about and how did you get involved) and envious (all expenses paid trip, with no kids!).

    Call me girl, waiting to see you.

    Oh! and break a leg.

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