Buzzing like a Bee!

I’ve been SO busy and so damn stressed that blogging has taken a back seat (wayyy back… with the spare tyres and stuff).

I finally got an apartment, and I’m in the middle of shifting right now. I also need to get rid of my current apartment (transfer the lease to someone else) before SUNDAY.


Because… on SUNDAY, I go to India. :D

The itinerary?

Dxb- Chennai- Pondicherry- Puttaparthi-Varanasi-Delhi- Dxb.


I’m so excited! I’m stressed about how I’m going to manage all the things I’ve gotta get done before I go, but excited about the trip itself!

My friend is a film-maker, and he’s making a documentary and will need to go to all these places, and I’m tagging along with him, on an all-expenses-paid holiday of sorts where I’ll be helping (interfering) with the film-making process! :D


Before I go, I need to have the new house up and running and the old house transferred to someone else. I’m praying that it all turns out okay by some miracle and I manage to get all the work done. I don’t want to cancel another trip cos of housing issues!

Wish me luck!


Keeping fingers crossed!


Celebrations galore!


I think this is the longest I’ve not blogged since I started writing this blog. It is not for lack of things to share, but for the lack of time to put it all into a coherent post.

August was filled with birthdays (including mine) and anniversaries and I was celebrating almost everyday since the 10th! Then came Eid!  Eid hols were good and long and going back to work after that was (IS!!!) dead depressing! Especially when you’ve gotten used to working a couple of hours lesser cos of Ramadan timings. Now I suddenly have to sit at work till 6:30pm! Horrors! What am I to do with all the time?! (Don’t say “work”! Be more creative won’t you?)

Anyway… Onam is this weekend- Friday (for us folks in the Muddle East, Friday is a weekend! :D) and I’ve not been so excited about Onam ever! 

I’m usually in Kerala with my family during Onam, as are many of my friends. This is the first Onam that we’re all actually together in Dubai  and so we decided to do everything the traditional way.

So we’re going to make atthapu, have puli-kali  and even play vadamvali (tug-of-war) and dance the kaikottikali (which I’ve never danced for before in my life! Veena said she’ll teach me though, so it’s cool!), all in traditional keralite sari (and mundu for the guys)!  Eeeeeks!

Of course, the meal is the all important part of Onam, and we’ll have to cook everything for the ona-sadya from scratch!  Since having one person cook all the dishes seemed a bit unfair (although no one had any issues when our moms did it all by themselves :P), we decided that each of us would make a few of the dishes and we’d pool the spoils!

To that effect, a  list of the menu was sent out, and a bunch of people chose what they were willing to make.

I checked the mail a bit later (like, a half hour later) cos I was a bit busy with work. By then, all the dishes had been claimed for and I was left with rather simpler things to take care of, which I was quite thankful for. I don’t generally do mallu cooking, so I was quite worried that I might mess things up.

My responsibilities included the kondattum, which is basically cured and dried veggies. The only cooking involved in this is to fry them up and ensure they don’t burn while frying as you get to buy the dried veggies at the store.  Easy peasy! :P   The other is a kind of mallu sabji (mezhukuparetti), which is okay too, though I’m not making an exact Keralite thing, what I’m making is more Tamilian. But lets not nit-pick!

The only dish I’m worried about is the puli-inji, which sounds wayy complicated to me, though my mom assures me it is not. But what does she know?! She make the whole sadya from scratch! ONE dish is nothing for her! Pfft!

This one needs to be cooked a few days in advance, it’s like a pickle, so it gets better with age.  In fact… I’m supposed to be making it right now instead of blogging about it making it! Jeez! They’re going to kill me if I mess it up!

I should go before time runs out, else I’ll have to buy puli-inji from the store and pretend I made it (which doesn’t seem like a bad idea.. but I feel I should at least make an effort!)

So ok, off to the store to buy provisions! Wish me luck!