Triggering the Happy in You

Sometimes when I need to take a break from my life and just go somewhere, but can’t for countless practical reasons, I look through my travel pics to feel better.

Sometimes though, there are other triggers that catch me unawares. Like a song playing on the radio that brings back memories of moments from the past.

I don’t own any audio CDs (not counting my spanish language CDs) save those from the movie Bachna ae Haseeno. I didn’t buy that one either, I won it on the radio.

So when everyone brought their CDs to Bali, I took the only one I had with me. We played this one on the music system there, and for whatever reason (mainly laziness!), no one bothered to go and change CDs. So all throughout our week in Bali, the songs of this movie played on endless loop and became such a part of the experience that now, whenever a song from the movie plays, it brings back memories of that wonderful trip.

The bungalow we stayed at had two separate buildings..hang on…four actually, if you count the kitchen and the entertainment buildings (Yes! There were stand-alone structures built specifically for cooking, with a huge dining area, and another where the TV sat, with a million movies on DVD and leather couches,plus a computer in the corner.

Anyway.. there were two main buildings, connected by a wooden walkway, with a pool between the buildings that was surrounded by frangipani trees and shrubs.

The second we got to the bungalow, people started jumping (or were pushed, what’s the difference! :P) into the pool. And that was where we stayed whenever we were indoors. We had 3 different living rooms, all facing the pool, which were mostly ignored.

The song  khuda jaane in particular takes me back to that wonderful pool! There was this one night when everyone was lounging in one of the living rooms. I had had a few drinks, and was tipsy, though not drunk. I decided I wanted to swim for a bit and walked to the pool and dove straight in (I’m kinda impulsive like that). It was drizzling slightly, but how does that matter when you’re in the pool?

I lay there floating, surrounded by the scent of the frangipani flowers that fell into the pool and this song filling the night air.

I had a particularly bad day at work today, so this song was the only saving grace of the day.

It’s amazing what music (even cheesy music) can do for you, don’t you think?

What’s your pick-me-up song?

PS: Photo credit goes to my dear friend Nitin. :)

7 thoughts on “Triggering the Happy in You

  1. nmaha says:

    Omg! I do this too!
    Right now I’m going through a particularly tough patch and nothing is really getting me out of it.
    Your holiday stay in Bali sounds amazing :-)

  2. The Wild Child says:

    Boy, your Bali trip sounds like tons of fun! I’m tempted to try staying in places other than chain hotels. (Except for the golden handcuffs!)
    And that is one of my favorite falling-in-love songs!!

    • Sanjana says:

      oh yeah! Bali was the bestttttt of vacations! The villa we stayed at was beyond luxurious! The balinese suuuure know their customer service!
      We had so many maids and cooks running around the house that we didn’t need to do ANYthing!

      And yeah, you should try staying elsewhere. The priority club programs are nice… but definitely golden handcuffs!

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