Mistaken Impressions

I first met him at the railway station in Bombay. I was visiting my college friend, Nass, and she was taking me to Pune for the weekend. We were going there with her boyfriend (now husband) and two other guys. On our way  to the station, Nass told me that one of the guys – Ram, used to go to our college as well, and he used to be our junior.

That decided it! I disliked him before I’d even met him. “From our college Nass? From the crazy-ass college we went to where the men were chauvinistic dogs? Whywasthisguyeveninviiited?!” College was a terrible time for me, and I suffered horribly there! I ended up hating the entire state and everyone from that place! I ran as far away from the place as possible as soon as college was done and had resented the whole experience.

So I was wary when meeting him. I said hello, and then ignored him completely. I only actually started taking notice of the guy after he offered his friend’s apartment for us girls to stay the night. The guys were gonna stay in a bachelor pad with a bunch of other guys, and we girls were apparently getting a whole 2 bedroom apartment to ourselves cos the guy who rented it (and his roommates) were out of town and the keys were with Ram.  We asked him if his friend would be okay, and Ram assured us it would be, “I stay there too whenever I’m in town, he’s totally cool about it!”

We reached the apartment and were standing at the door that had a huge lock on it, like the picture below (taken randomly taken off the net), except the lock was bigger and bulkier, more stronger looking.

When we asked him for the keys, he said “err… there’s a slight thing about the lock…” and went to the door and lifted the whole contraption- lock, bolt and all, off the door!  He calmly opened the door and waited for us to enter.  I stared dumbfounded while he grinned at us like a lil kid. That’s when I began warming up to him! :D

After my weekend visit (remind me to tell you abt dangerous territories called bachelor pads some other time! Men are slobs!), I quite forgot about the dude.

I never really thought I would see him again. But then,  few years after we first met, we somehow got in touch with each other on gchat. And we started chatting. And we haven’t stopped since! He told me all about his girlfriend and his job and his love for music. We chatted for ages on a regular basis. It became so that he knew everything about my life and I his.  He sent me amazing music all the time through mail (some that he sang even!). He knew my taste in music better than I did and would pick songs that I would like! A friend of mine actually suspected that we were dating each other even. But this was different, this was friendship at its best.

And now, my friend Ram, is getting married. :) He convinced his parents to try talking to the girl, they love her now, and have accepted her, and all is well in their world.

He doesn’t like to read. But he’s subscribed to my blog, and reads it regularly, just cos it’s my blog. And that’s how it works really. He’s there to listen and to help (even if I don’t want it! :P) and he knows I’m there for him too. He makes me feel like I’m pretty awesome (which is great, obviously!).

And so my dear Ram, I want to say I was wrong (which is not easy for a Leo to admit)! And I’m sorry! For misjudging you before I knew you, for disliking you without giving you a chance.You’ve made me learn that I can be wrong about first impressions. You’ve taught me to give second chances to people. You’ve made me realize that letting go of the past helps me more than anyone else. So thank you! :)

And that’s how it is. The people you think will matter the most sometimes ends up not even being a part of your life after  few years. And sometimes, people you least expect to make a connection with,  take you by surprise and become so much a part of your life that you can’t remember life without them.

Life is strange like that.  Keeps things interesting though doesn’t it? :)

12 thoughts on “Mistaken Impressions

  1. The Wild Child says:

    Oh what an awesome friendship! And dude, major *respect*!! The only time I’ve been able to form meaningful friendships with guys is when I’m NOT single. Otherwise……I don’t know, mannnnn! I’m messed up! :D The whole thing you mentioned about chatting and sending music and solving problems……I would have been pregnant by now :D

    • Sanjana says:

      You have a 2 month old baby girl! You can’t even sleep! How can I expect you to chat with me?!

      When you go to India, why don’t you transit through dxb for a couple of days? We can chat in real life! :D

    • Sanjana says:

      Ram is awesome to guy friends too. He’s one of those guys who *loves* his friends.

      And yeah, this month! I wanted to have it at my new place, but I don’t *have* a new place. :(

  2. roaringsun says:

    Good to know that the marriage went well. Congratulations to Ram.

    And ‘lol’ at The Wild Child’s comment. Although I do know a couple of girls who did get pregnant after the whole chat/music courtship. They say it’s funny only because it’s true.


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