Pie, Anyone?

So I was in a bad mood ok?! Ok.  Things are not going well in my world. I don’t want to get into it, but let me just say that right now, everything sucks!

So earlier this evening, I pulled into the parking lot of Spinneys (local grocery). Their parking runs in a line in front of the store so we can only parallel park there. I got into a vacant spot and then saw that the couple in the car behind me was getting into their car to leave. So I sat inside mine, waiting for them to push off so I could reverse in and take their spot. But they just sat in the car, talking! I wondered why the hell they wouldn’t just GO already! I kept looking at them from the rearview mirror, waiting for them to make a move! But they just sat there, TALKING!


Finally, I gave up and walked out. But as I got out, I realized my parking wasn’t in line, so I rolled my eyes (WOE is ME!), got back in, parked correctly, looked at the rear-view mirror and saw that they were STILL in their damn car! What on earth were they waiting for! F***!

I got out… muttering abuses… and started walking when suddenly they turned on the ignition and drove towards me! The lady rolled down her window, handed me their parking ticket which had a good 45 mins of parking time left on it, and drove away before I could say a word.

They were waiting for me, all that time,  just so I, non-contributing ZERO that I am, could use their ticket.



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