A Dear Diary Post

So I spent most of the weekend sulking and walking around in self-pity.

You see, the house I was busy checking out  purple couches for was supposed to be MINE as of the 6th. It is the 9th today and not only has the handover been delayed, it also looks like the apartment I had my eyes on will not be available to me. :o(

I hate real estate agents! They’re all the same! They never tell you the truth and they lead you on and keep you hoping and waiting! And this is just for rent! Imagine if I wanted to buy a house! *Shudder*

Worse still, I was supposed to be on a mini-break to Jaipur and Agra, but I cancelled it as I was supposed to move this weekend. So half the group is traipsing across India, with one guy sending in pictures through  BB of what I’m missing out on! He even sent a pic of the train reservations with my name on it and titled the pic ” missing passenger”. *sob*

Plus on Thursday I watched Horrible Bosses. One word – Ugh!

So all in all, not a very good weekend.

Today though, I finally stopped moping. I decided to get stuff done! That’s what adults do right? Stop moping and get going!

So first, I stopped playing Angry Birds (harder than it sounds!). Then I called a few other real estate companies and set up appointments to check out some other apartments tomorrow.

Then, I tried to quit the gym. (Yes, the very same).  Since I’m moving, I’m going to be living about 50 kms away from the gym, which is extremely inconvenient. Plus, I’m doing yoga everyday now, so I don’t need to go to the gym. I’d tried quitting before, but couldn’t. When I first went up there I felt like I was like Chandler in this episode of Friends, except, no hot guy behind the reception. Just a very rude, effeminate man who said “Sorry, you signed up for a one year contract, you can’t quit unless your doctor says you can’t exercise or you get fired”.  I went again today with the doc’s letter and was told I would be called in 3-4 days with an “update” on the situation. So it’s a wait and watch situation now.

I went and got me a late lunch from Potbelly (easily the best sub in dxb! Prove me wrong, come on! I dare ya!). They have a guy playing the guitar and singing lovely songs there now, which just makes your heart dance!

Oh, and funny thing, this guy waiting for his sandwich in front of me started chatting with me, and he seemed quite nice, joking and laughing, and kinda cute. Then I realized he was hitting on me. Offered to pay for my lunch, have a meal with him. I’m never sure how to respond to stuff like that!  I got all flustered and laughed it off as a joke. I left with my sandwich, wishing I’d known how to respond in the positive! Damn! I wonder if they have classes for these things!

Oh well… que sera sera and all that.  It’s all meant to be, or not …isn’t it?

And since this is supposed to be a travel blog, I’m gonna leave you with a picture taken on a trip to Cape Town. This was at Stellenbosch. We’d gone there for lunch after which the others went to check out the animals at the sanctuary. I went for a walk.

8 thoughts on “A Dear Diary Post

  1. The Wild Child says:

    Go you! At least you chatted with him. With me, the moment I realize someone’s hitting on me, my head goes “OMG OMG he’s HITTING ON me..” and I turn red and then I have to abruptly end the conversation and WALK AWAY. Sometimes I don’t even end the conversation. I walk away mid-sentence.

    I, too, wonder if they have classes for these things!

    And that sucks about the real estate agents. Couldn’t you contact the apartment management directly? That’s what I do: check out places on rent.com and set up appointments w/ the apt mgmt. Better luck for next week!

    • Sanjana says:

      lol! You walk away in mid-sentence?! Can I please be there the next time that happens?! *grin*
      I chat with everyone! No problem! It’s only when they hit on me that I get all flustered. :P

      And yeah, i contacted the apartment management guys first, they directed me to the agents. *sigh*

      It works differently here in dxb I guess. Either that or I’m just darn unlucky.

  2. roaringsun says:

    So you need classes for this kind of stuff? I’ll teach you for free. First of all, Potbelly is awesome!

    Now on to this ‘Sandwich Guy’ (SG) – This dude’s strategy is all wrong! Who offers to pay for your sandwich to ‘Have lunch with him’?! This is not called ‘hitting’; its more like ‘I’m lonely and will pay to have a lunch with a girl’ – didn’t you smell the desperation? Anyway, qouting Chandler Bing – ‘He needs to practice his art of Seduction’!

    And to think that you WANTED to respond in the positive? Damn you do need classes – not how to learn to repond to the many SG’s out there but to weed them out from the good ones. In case you come across the correct SG in the future, this is how to proceed (assuming the SG knows the right approach):

    The right SG will break the ice normally and then get his sandwich. Then, while he’s about to leave and you are getting yours (since he was in front of you), he’ll smile and just mention, hey it was nice chatting with you, and oh by the way, I’m going to eat my Sandwich right here, so if you’d like to join, you’re welcome. There. At this point, assuming you have your sandwich in hand, just say ‘that’s a good idea, I like my Sandwich hot, so I’ll just eat it right here’ – AND PROCEED.

    Key Takeaways –

    1. Both of you carried out the conversation ‘normally’ – no one is buying any one anything.

    2. You responded in the positive, yet making sure WHY you wanted to eat there (hot sandwich, not bcz of the SG)

    3. The right SG mentioned that he enjoyed chatting with you and would like to continue, and he’s eating there no matter if you join or not. Smell the Confidence.

    What comes out of the conversation is upto you two.

    • Sanjana says:

      N: That is SO true! I’d have agreed to sit with him if he hadn’t offered to pay! I didn’t want him to PAY, I’d have liked to just sit down and have a chat, cos he was cute, and funny, and cos the guitar guy made the atmosphere so vibrant and romantic!
      You know… in retrospect… I might not even have been attracted to him if it wasn’t for the music!
      Hmmm… food for thought!

  3. nmaha says:

    Oh no! which apartment was it? The small one with the amazing windows or the large one? Can you get the other one now, or is it too late?

    Hmmmmmm……..now will you start adding weird dating stories here? It’ll be so much fun :-)

    • Sanjana says:

      the small one with the windows AND the large one! :'( The whole building’s gone to the damn Armani hotel for their staff. hmph!

      And noooo! No weird dating stories! (for the most part! :P)

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