Heels from Hell!

I’m off to Qatar tomorrow for work.

This in itself is nothing new, but what will be different this time is that it will be a day trip. I will go in the morning, and come back in the night.

So basically, I’ll be out for meetings for the day… to another country, with a different time zone and everything! (ok, so it’s only 1 hour, but still!)

I know a lot of people do this quite regularly and think nothing of it, but this is the first time I’m going to be leaving the country without carrying at least an overnight bag, and I find the whole idea slightly daunting.

My main issue is with my shoes! I need to wear comfortable shoes, cos I’ll have to wear them all day long! But I have no comfortable work shoes! This is the kinda footwear I usually wear to work.

I remove them as soon as I get to office and it stays under my desk unless I have meetings or something.  I wear a pair of dainty looking flip-floppy sandals that I got from Africa to walk around the office. (Yes! It does look ridiculous with the rest of my outfit, but I don’t care! I don’t work for Vogue! :P)

I work in a male-dominated industry and I’m quite short compared to the men around me, so if I’m in flats, I’m usually the smallest person around and they all need to bend down when talking to me, as if talking to a child!  As it is, it’s difficult to be taken seriously cos I’m a single girl! Dunno what it is with men who treat women so crudely, professional environment or not! So many people with such sucky parenting! Tch!

Anyway… so I need the height, the psychological edge. I also need comfortable shoes when traveling, especially if I’m gonna be out and about! But I guess I can’t have both. *sigh*

Tomorrow is gonna be one helluva day! *bracing myself*

Hope your Tuesday is better than mine, and hope my Tuesday is better than what I expect it to be!

One thought on “Heels from Hell!

  1. nmaha says:

    This maybe a bit late, however, u can use it next time. Just get one of those squishable ballerinas which come with a compact carry case. They are life savers for working women who have no time between the events in a day to change.
    Hope u have a much better Tuesday than expected.
    K off to bed now. Gnite.

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