“Tripping… Stumbling..Clumsy cos I’m”… well… Born this Way!

Last night, I read this post and suddenly just needed to have wine! I didn’t have any sauvignon blanc or chocolate on me, but I settled for pinotage, except… as I was opening the bottle… I somehow spilled the wine… all over me! And also a bleached-wood chopping board that was in the way. It now has purple splotches on it. I think I’ll just call it Art! :P

Unfortunately, none of my friends will be surprised by this little incident. In fact, it’s tame compared to the kind of skirmishes I’ve gotten into! I’m one of those people for whom “tumble spec rating” is actually an important factor when buying electronic hardware.

I don’t want to list out all of the little accidents that have happened to me (or around me, or because of me), cos of course, that would be tiresome! But here are two from the top of the list:

1. The One with the Amrutanjan bottle

Now this is NOT as bad as it sounds! I sweaaaar! We were all in our hostel room in college, and one of my friends, Gowri (not Gauri) was lying on my lap … and someone said something funny… and we all laughed and she did too and very unfortunately, the tiny lil bottle  I was tossing from one hand to the other slipped off my hand and fell right on her tooth, and it chipped juuuuuust a little bit. It wasn’t even noticeable ! And it didn’t even hurt that much … I think. :-\

I was very sorry. Still am. But no one will let me forget it! *sigh*

2. The Phone Incident:

So the Nokia… is an amaaaazing phone! Those Finnish guys know what they’re doing! I now have bowed down to peer pressure and have a BB,  but I miss those simple days of Nokia when all I needed to do was text or call.

So anyway… my friend and I walked out of a movie hall on that cold winter’s night in Delhi. We were walking through the parking lot with cars parked in a line against the wall. We walked past several of them, and suddenly, I stopped for a beat and did a double take.  I turned back to make sure I was seeing right.

Was that an elephant  in the car-park?!

Yes, yes it was an elephant.  In the car-park! I grabbed my friend’s arm and pointed wordlessly. We went back and stared back in awe at the creature, nonchalantly waving his trunk and standing quite still otherwise, unaware of how incongruous he looked amongst all the other modes of transport parked there. We talked to the mahout about a stroll around the block sitting astride ol Jumbo, negotiated a price, and went on a grand tour of the car-park and the surrounding neighbourhood on the elephant. It was bumpy and quite uncomfortable, but loads of fun nonetheless!

But, after the ride, as I was clambering down… my trusty lil Nokia 1100 (with a torch and all! Yessiree!) slipped out of my pocket and fell right beneath the great beast’s foot. As he gently stepped on my phone, the backlight on the phone lit up, I screamed bloody murder and the mahout urgently gave instructions to poor confused Jumbo to retract his foot. He obeyed, but casually, and as he stepped away, my friend kicked the phone from under his foot and I ran to get it.

You will not believe this, but the phone still worked! It would no longer ring though, the sound was damaged and it was like my phone was permanently on silent mode, but it would still light up when I got a call and I could still use it! I just had to keep an eye on it to make sure I didn’t miss calls.

This is the stuff Nokia ads should be made of don’t you think? :D

Now, is this just me, or does everyone have their share of incidents such as these? (Please let it not just be me!)

15 thoughts on ““Tripping… Stumbling..Clumsy cos I’m”… well… Born this Way!

  1. Rakesh says:

    loll… No I’m sorry but its only You! I don’t have any such incidents to tell… Unless I’m drunk and I don’t remember any of those either :P

    But yes, I agree the Nokia adverts should feature this incident. I too was a Nokia fan but after being tortured by the N97 for a year, I gave up and got myself a BB too.

    • Sanjana says:

      Maybe we should ask your friends then, abt the drunken episodes!
      I’m not even talking abt my drunken moments! mannn! I could write a book! :P

      And yeah, my sis had the N series Nokia as well, and it sucked.
      But I loved the E66 and had it the longest I had ANY phone! (2 years!) :D

    • Rakesh says:

      Did the birds have to ‘pick a bone’? lol…

      Actually this reminds me, for a long time, whenever I used to go to the terrace, crows used to gather around trying to attack me! I dunno why? Probably, coz. my mop was dark black.

  2. Stephanie Faris says:

    Now THAT’s an interesting “how my phone got destroyed” story! When we were rebuilding our house after the flood, one time I lost my phone. We looked everywhere. We kept calling it and couldn’t find it. Finally we heard a faint buzzing and found it…at the bottom of a pail of water. It still worked. I immediately removed the battery and put it in a bag of rice overnight to draw the moisture out. Powered it on the next morning and perfect. It did freeze up a lot after that, but it had been freezing up anyway. I was luckily due to get a new cell phone the next month so I just had to make it last until I could get my iPhone!

    • Sanjana says:

      wow! My phone once fell into the pool… well actually, was thrown into the pool… cos it was in my back-pocket and *i* was thrown into the pool.. *sigh*

      Anyway… it stopped working. Immediately! diiied on me! It was only a month old! :(

  3. nmaha says:

    I am a total nokia fan and resisted all efforts to get me to move to an iPhone for more than a year. I still say it’s easier to message on a Nokia than an iPhone.
    U should totally sell them that storyline for an ad.

  4. The Wild Child says:

    LOL! Here are some from me to make you feel better:
    Grad school, first year. Shampooed my hair before going out in the evening. Didn’t use a blowdryer (never have, never will). After a while, I realized every time I turned my head i heard something crack. Ice in my hair.

    Undergrad, final year. I was friends with all the stray dogs in the campus. Had names for all of them that the bf couldn’t remember. I was telling him about some antic one of the dogs was up to, really late one night, right outside my hostel. And he couldn’t make out which dog I was talking about (couldn’t connect name to face). So I was like, “Remember, the one that walks all excitedly and shakes his butt all over the place?” STILL couldn’t place him, or maybe he was just taking my trip. Because the next thing you know, I was acting it out. When I was done walking and shaking my butt like a crazy dog, I turned around and noticed the last bus at night had just dropped people off at my hostel, who were all standing around and watching from the lobby.

    Final year undergrad. I went to IIMB for my interviews, pleasantly surprised they had co-ed hostels. Room was right next to the bathroom and so I walked out from the shower the way I used to back in my own hostel, i.e. t-shirt and panties. Of course, I ran into a bunch of guys. What was I thinking?!!

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