Notes from a Foodie’s Diary

An omelette stuffed with sautéed onions, green peppers and tomatoes, thick sausages and cheese, with a side of chunky potato wedges served with sour cream. Wash that down with iced tea and then go for those delicious waffles with maple syrup. ~ Yas Island, UAE

Succulent pieces of calamari steak- tiny little rectangles that’s been seared just enough so it retains it’s tenderness but has nice and crispy edges, drizzled with pepper sauce. ~Cape Town, S Africa

Chicken kadai and hot tandoori roti  ( from a dhaba en route to Gurgaon from Delhi) after a cold bike ride in winter, with the heat of the tandoor keeping you warm against the cold night. Not to mention those surreptitious mouthfuls from the limca bottle spiked with vodka that heats you up from within. ;o)  ~Delhi, India

Paella, served in a plate as big as a shield, lined with mussels on the side and the deliciously flavoured rice mixed with succulent pieces of pork and seafood (rings of calamari, prawn and shellfish).  ~Mallorca, Spain

Teste kebab- fascinated by the people at the other table ordering this, but too late to order it myself, I didn’t get a chance to eat this until the night after we got back from The Walk. The pot is brought to us on a plate, surrounded by blue flames. The waiter carries a small axe with him. At the table, he takes the sealed clay pot out of the flames, cracks the top open with the axe, and pours the contents of the pot on to a waiting dish. The meat and veggies inside cook slowly and stew in the juices making it the most tender, and best kebab I’ve had in my life.  ~ Cappadocia, Turkey

Baingan ka bharta – It was a long weekend, and we decided to make a short trip of it and stay at the Sula Vineyard’s bungalow called The Beyond . The bungalow came with 3 servants and a cook that I would have gladly married, just to get him to dxb to cook for me everyday! (I decided against this cos I’d gained so much weight in the 3 days I was there that if he were to stay permanently with me, I’d soon have gotten so fat that I’d have gotten wedged in the doorway!). The best baingan bharta we ever had, we ordered it every single day! ~ Nasik, India

Red velvet cake from Magnolia’s. One word- orgasmic! ~ Dubai, UAE

I could go on, but I’m hungry! Veena’s invited me over for lunch and Subodh’s making mojitos for which I need to pick up mint!



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