The Surprise Party

Our gang loves surprises, and so we arranged a baby shower for our friend Veena in secret.  We planned on doing a brunch thing, and as none of the guys in the gang were invited, they decided to have one of those brunch-with-bubbly things at a hotel and drink themselves silly.

On the morning of the shower however, the father  woke up to find that his wife had woken up early and prepared an elaborate breakfast for him. He had to tell her he was in no mood for breakfast and somehow managed to get a very pissed-off wife out of the house and into Reema’s place (where the shower was being held).

Everyone was waiting there (both the guys and gals) to see her reaction. She walked in and we all yelled SURPRIIIIISE! She looks at us and says ” but my birthday is in July!”.  :D

Once we explained it was a baby shower and sent the guys away, the party began. The theme was “fairy godmother”. So we all represented different fairies (I was the Fairy of Travel! :D) and we  bestowed wishes with our fake fairy wands that we’d made out of bbq sticks and foil. We gave the yet-to-be-born baby gifts (of a unisex nature cos we didn’t know the gender yet), laughed a lot and ate a lot! Good fun!

After the party, Veena was driving back home, around 4 in the afternoon, when her water broke, more than a month before her due date.
She was freaked, to say the least! She managed to drive home, and called the husband, who was tipsy and said ” I’ll be there in 45 mins” casually when she asked him if he could come home. She again asked him “err.. could you come now!?” and he realized something was wrong.  The guys rushed to their house and by then, the girls found out too, and we all rushed to the hospital.  She was taken into the ER while we waited outside, worried and tense.
When the doctor told us the baby was coming, we were all shocked.  But she told us that it’s fine and the baby was okay.
We had to take her to another hospital cos the one we were at didn’t have enough free incubators and this baby was going to need one. We rushed her across as carefully as possible, Kiran’s FJ being our ambulance, to the other hospital.  We got her admitted and the wait began.
The guys waited outside while the girls went in turn by turn (they wouldn’t let us go in together for some odd reason) while the mom and dad-to-be waited anxiously.
The doctor had assured us there was nothing to worry about, but as none of us had had any experience with child-birth (except for Jobbs; he claimed he knew exactly what the pain was like cos his mom’s a nurse :P) we all waited anxiously, trying to keep up spirits thinking up baby names and whatnot.
At around 11pm, I went home to change and have another dose of the medicine that I was on at the time. Unfortunately, it was a very powerful sedative and I was out like a light within a few minutes.  That’s when Rhea decided to come into our lives, about an hour after I’d conked off. I woke up to see excited texts from my friends saying ” IT’S A GIRRRRRRL!”
I was a bit miffed about her timing, but thrilled that she’d arrived, and that the mom and baby were healthy, though the baby was premature.
This was exactly a year ago, on the 27th of March, 2010.
We’re still not finished talking about that fateful baby shower, but already a year has passed and so many milestones along with it!
Today, Rhea is a chubby lil 1 year old. She learned to walk a while ago, but now prefers running. She still falls down on her little bum when her excitement to get to places exceeds the speed at which she little legs can go. But she just gets up and starts running again, laughing in that unselfconscious manner only babies (and drunks :P) can.
On her birthday, I’d like to remind her of the wishes I “bestowed” on her as the fairy godmother –
May your passport have the stamps of all the countries in the world, and may your heart have love and respect for all the cultures you get to experience.


11 thoughts on “The Surprise Party

  1. binpin says:

    with you as her fairy godmother of travel, she’s bound to have all the excitement and whirlwind trip around the world before she’s a teen!:)

    • Sanjana says:

      heheh. Her dad is the one who finds all the wonderful places to stay in at the places we travel to. So I think she’ll be alright without me. But I’m glad you think that! Thanks Bini! :D

      Btw… what’s the link to your blog?

    • Sanjana says:

      Yup! a whole year! Crazy how quickly time flies!
      and thank you! :D
      Next time you’re here, I’ll probably introduce you to Rhea. She’s the sweetest thing!

  2. veena says:

    Hey Sanj!!! thank you for the wonderful post. Just took me back to that time. A year so quickly passed by.Thank you for this!!!! Hugs!!

  3. veena says:

    Thank you so much for the post!! I still remember, i was shocked and surprised to see everyone in Reema’s apartment and took me few seconds to realise it was my baby shower. Guess Rhea got excited to meet her fun aunts and uncles, she decided to kick her way out early. She is really lucky to be loved and pampered by all of you. Thankyou again Sanj!!! Hugs!!!

    • Sanjana says:


      I know.. I still remember me trying to explain to your dad that your water broke and i wasn’t getting the right words in malayalam! lol!

      What a day!

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