For Women’s Day…

To e.e cummings who said “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
To Jennifer Aniston who said “A relationship isn’t going to make me survive. It’s the cherry on top.”
To Mother Teresa who said “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
To Sandra Bullock who said “I’ve made mistakes, and I know why I made them, but I made that choice. Nobody’s ever made a choice for me.”
To Shonda Rhimes (creator of Grey’s Anatomy) who made her character say ” Do you know when to walk away? Do you know when not to take less than you deserve?”

To my mom, who, at the age of 57, has gone back to school to do her Masters in Yoga.

This was my haphazard reply to a magazine’s question as to which woman I’d like to celebrate for Women’s Day.

While I’m glad there’s a day to remind us that there is a reason to celebrate and that women are not as oppressed as they used to be, I feel saddened that for a lot of women out there, little has changed.

Female genocide, dowry issues, rape, abuse etc are still as prevalent now as they were before.   And women and men are equally to blame for it.

But I cannot deny the good that has happened, though the journey is far from over.

The fact that I’m sitting here at all, educated, single and independent, is a mark of how far we’ve gotten.

So to that, I shall drink! (and yes! Now we can drink too! :P)


8 thoughts on “For Women’s Day…

    • Sanjana says:

      hehe.. yes! What happened to your resolution to blog more? Although i’m not complaining, I know how busy you are! I barely spend 7-8 hours at home myself, and most of that time is spent sleeping. Your schedule is so hectic I’m sure I’d self-combust if I had that kinda pressure!

  1. binpin says:

    I Like Sandra Bullock’s quote the best..Cheers to us ! Though Im eventually looking forward to a world where we dont have to celebrate Women’s day.I maybe wrong but somehow that will be the day we will all be equals:)

  2. The Wild Child says:

    Yeah, yeah so I’m the crazy jobless woman who’s reading your old posts at night because they’re so much fun! I just wanted to say kudos to your mom!! I’m going to resist the temptation to say I could have as well written your blog (or whatever I’ve read of it so far). To the point that my mom, too, went and did a Master’s in Economics during the last two years. I know I know I know that doesn’t sound like much to have in common….but how many such people do you know, haan? :D

    • Sanjana says:

      :D I’m glad that you’re taking the time out to read my posts!
      We do seem to have shared a similar kinda life don’t we?
      Kudos to your mom! :)

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