The Surprise Party

Our gang loves surprises, and so we arranged a baby shower for our friend Veena in secret.  We planned on doing a brunch thing, and as none of the guys in the gang were invited, they decided to have one of those brunch-with-bubbly things at a hotel and drink themselves silly.

On the morning of the shower however, the father  woke up to find that his wife had woken up early and prepared an elaborate breakfast for him. He had to tell her he was in no mood for breakfast and somehow managed to get a very pissed-off wife out of the house and into Reema’s place (where the shower was being held).

Everyone was waiting there (both the guys and gals) to see her reaction. She walked in and we all yelled SURPRIIIIISE! She looks at us and says ” but my birthday is in July!”.  :D

Once we explained it was a baby shower and sent the guys away, the party began. The theme was “fairy godmother”. So we all represented different fairies (I was the Fairy of Travel! :D) and we  bestowed wishes with our fake fairy wands that we’d made out of bbq sticks and foil. We gave the yet-to-be-born baby gifts (of a unisex nature cos we didn’t know the gender yet), laughed a lot and ate a lot! Good fun!

After the party, Veena was driving back home, around 4 in the afternoon, when her water broke, more than a month before her due date.
She was freaked, to say the least! She managed to drive home, and called the husband, who was tipsy and said ” I’ll be there in 45 mins” casually when she asked him if he could come home. She again asked him “err.. could you come now!?” and he realized something was wrong.  The guys rushed to their house and by then, the girls found out too, and we all rushed to the hospital.  She was taken into the ER while we waited outside, worried and tense.
When the doctor told us the baby was coming, we were all shocked.  But she told us that it’s fine and the baby was okay.
We had to take her to another hospital cos the one we were at didn’t have enough free incubators and this baby was going to need one. We rushed her across as carefully as possible, Kiran’s FJ being our ambulance, to the other hospital.  We got her admitted and the wait began.
The guys waited outside while the girls went in turn by turn (they wouldn’t let us go in together for some odd reason) while the mom and dad-to-be waited anxiously.
The doctor had assured us there was nothing to worry about, but as none of us had had any experience with child-birth (except for Jobbs; he claimed he knew exactly what the pain was like cos his mom’s a nurse :P) we all waited anxiously, trying to keep up spirits thinking up baby names and whatnot.
At around 11pm, I went home to change and have another dose of the medicine that I was on at the time. Unfortunately, it was a very powerful sedative and I was out like a light within a few minutes.  That’s when Rhea decided to come into our lives, about an hour after I’d conked off. I woke up to see excited texts from my friends saying ” IT’S A GIRRRRRRL!”
I was a bit miffed about her timing, but thrilled that she’d arrived, and that the mom and baby were healthy, though the baby was premature.
This was exactly a year ago, on the 27th of March, 2010.
We’re still not finished talking about that fateful baby shower, but already a year has passed and so many milestones along with it!
Today, Rhea is a chubby lil 1 year old. She learned to walk a while ago, but now prefers running. She still falls down on her little bum when her excitement to get to places exceeds the speed at which she little legs can go. But she just gets up and starts running again, laughing in that unselfconscious manner only babies (and drunks :P) can.
On her birthday, I’d like to remind her of the wishes I “bestowed” on her as the fairy godmother –
May your passport have the stamps of all the countries in the world, and may your heart have love and respect for all the cultures you get to experience.

For Women’s Day…

To e.e cummings who said “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
To Jennifer Aniston who said “A relationship isn’t going to make me survive. It’s the cherry on top.”
To Mother Teresa who said “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
To Sandra Bullock who said “I’ve made mistakes, and I know why I made them, but I made that choice. Nobody’s ever made a choice for me.”
To Shonda Rhimes (creator of Grey’s Anatomy) who made her character say ” Do you know when to walk away? Do you know when not to take less than you deserve?”

To my mom, who, at the age of 57, has gone back to school to do her Masters in Yoga.

This was my haphazard reply to a magazine’s question as to which woman I’d like to celebrate for Women’s Day.

While I’m glad there’s a day to remind us that there is a reason to celebrate and that women are not as oppressed as they used to be, I feel saddened that for a lot of women out there, little has changed.

Female genocide, dowry issues, rape, abuse etc are still as prevalent now as they were before.   And women and men are equally to blame for it.

But I cannot deny the good that has happened, though the journey is far from over.

The fact that I’m sitting here at all, educated, single and independent, is a mark of how far we’ve gotten.

So to that, I shall drink! (and yes! Now we can drink too! :P)


A mom and more!

My mum, and her mum, have not had easy lives.  I’m not comparing my life with their’s or equating their suffering to mine. Times were different, lives are different, and the paths we come across are different.

My mum and I don’t get along. It’s not that I don’t love her, I do. But there’s always been a lot of tension between us since I went off to college. I wasn’t always very sure of what I wanted (I’m still not, but I am sure of what I don’t want!) and this has conflicted a lot with what my mom wants from me, which created a rift between us that has just increased the older I grew.

But she’s always been Mom. She’s always the person who will take care of me when I’m sick. When I got my shoulder injured last year, I cancelled all my other plans and went back to India, to mom. To eat mom’s cooking,  to heal in her care. And though the woman drives me crazy, we also have a great time together whenever we agree on things! :P

My sister, who my mum is extremely close to, left for higher studies to the UK around 3 years ago, and my mum’s been pretty much at a loose-end since, feeling lonely and upset and missing my sis a lot!

But last year, she discovered yoga, got interested in it so much that she took a course to become a certified yoga practitioner, and  now… now she’s doing her MSc in Yoga! Yeah! :D

Before she left for uni, she left enough food to last dad the 10 days she’d be gone and ensured that everything would be alright while she was away (she’s a very traditional conscientious wife that way). But dad still missed her presence and was calling her 2-3 times a day anyway (which is so weird! If you knew my dad, you’d know what I meant! He usually claims to be completely self-sufficient! :P)

She’s back now, after a long and exhausting couple of weeks which she seemed to thoroughly enjoy!

Chatting with her usually involves her trying to get me married to someone or the other she’s found on some matrimonial site (yes, I’m on all of them I’m sure! She’s created profiles for me everywhere!)  which ends up with us arguing about the same thing again, leaving us both feeling frustrated and depressed!

Today though, it was all about her Uni and the people she met there and the way the students treated her so nicely (the ones she befriended are students around 20-25 years old) and how amazing it all was.

The university she’s in spans about 25 acres and going from the hostel to the canteen is in itself  a 15 min walk.  And going outside the campus was out of the question as she’d have to walk at least 20-25 mins to get anywhere. This one day, she had a headache and told her friend that she’s going to skip lunch and went to sleep. A while later, this girl comes back with some medicines and a sliver of watermelon, saying that she shouldn’t stay hungry if she had a headache! She’d gone out and bought it all for her!

It gladdens my heart that she’s meeting people from different walks of life, and that they love her and respect her and are actually taking care of her!

But…I do feel slightly… jealous? :o/

I mean, she’s my mom! She’s my mommmm!

But suddenly’s it’s like she’s this whole other person, with a whole new life! A life that I’m absolutely not a part of!
I’m so proud of what she’s doing! And  incredibly happy for her, and yet, just a little … I dunno… is jealous the right word if you feel like you’re missing out on something?  I’m so used to her just being in the mommy role that I just find it a little disconcerting that she’s got this other life going on now that has nothing to do with the person I know.
Does that make sense?
But that’s just a transient feeling! Cos I’m liking this new person that she is.  She’s finally got something to do other than just obsess about my marriage! We’ve got things to talk about now that don’t involve! :P
It’ll be another year before she gets her degree. So that’s a year’s worth of profiles I won’t have to look at! ;o)
Seriously though, I’m thankful that she’s found something that she’s really passionate about, and can only hope that I too will one day, be able to follow my passion as she has!

This gym ain’t for the weak-minded!

As I walk out of the gym, exhausted by my work-out, I notice that right outside the entrance there’s a Studio R.

Fair enough, good sales strategy. People who join the gym, will come bouncing out filled with the manic fervour instilled by their trainers to get in shape nowww and be prompted to buy the latest work-out shoes, clothes, watches and what-not.  And have you ever noticed how in the gym there are always a lot of people with lithe bodies covered in spandex  that make you feel like you’ve stepped into some alternate reality where you’re the only girl in a size 12? I mean, it’s not that I’m fat. Cos I’m not. But I should lose around 6 kilos to reach my ideal weight. I used to be a size 8, which I wasn’t happy with then, but now I’d be happy being a size 10 and still be able to enjoy a red velvet cupcake from Magnolia’s once in a while. See, I’m being practical! :D

So anyway, I walk out, and there’s Studio R on my left, and then comes Fruitesca, where they make all those smoothies. Again, health food. Good stuff.  But it all goes downhill from there.

They have this place called Seattle’s Best Coffee, with pastries and muffins and chocolate-chip laden cookies  displayed out, designed to test your will-power to the max! I somehow manage to move my starving body past the damn coffee shop only to be assaulted by the cheerfully pink and inviting eeevil that is Dunkin Donuts, with the Boston Cremes calling out to me, begging to be eaten!

How is this fair? Since when did a trip to exercise your body become one for the mind too? I survived yesterday. But how much longer before I succumb?  I go there again tonight. Hopefully will be able to get past Paul’s without incident!

I wonder if Studio R sells blinders!